I was thinking on the giants that David Wilcock ended his Ascension Mysteries video with…he detailed many different newspaper articles on various finds, in the US mostly, of giants buried in mounds. Googling giant remains, you do find photos of giant skeletons, but there isn’t anywhere in America where you can view the ones that have been found here.


Where are they now??? The Smithsonian snapped them all up! Why aren’t they on display then? Because “they” passed a law making it illegal to display these “ancient Indian artifacts” for “religious reasons”. WTF??? So you and I don’t know about these giant remains because the illuminati have control of the Smithsonian and have suppressed this data. According to Wilcock, the illuminati believe that these giants were their ancestors.

Now, according to Genesis 6:1–4, the Nephilim (the fallen ones, giants) were the offspring between the “Sons of God” and the “Daughters of Men”. It could be argued that the Sons of God were the Anunnaki…I have debated about the Anunnaki being giants before. I don’t know whether to believe they were giants too though.

David Wilcock talked about the gigantic rooms in the colonies inside the different moons, so giant aliens definitely roamed our galaxy. Looking at my header above, it becomes clear there were many different sizes of giants. Wilcock even says there were 70ft ones! But no one says the “Sons of God” were giants, only that they begot giants. So who were these Sons of God? I had always thought they were the archangels personally. I dunno. Do I even really care though? Not right now. LOL Maybe in another post I’ll research them.

Getting back to the Smithsonian suppressing the giant skeleton finds and that law that prohibits anyone from displaying them because they are Indian artifacts. Wilcock asserts that these giants were red haired and white skinned…ummm…that does not sound like North American Indian coloration. Were all giants red haired and white skinned though? A skeleton doesn’t reveal such things, but there have been giant mummies found too.

I think that there were more than one kind of alien humanoid that were gigantic in size compared to modern man. Let’s face it, Earth isn’t a very large planet, and I’m sure that humans that developed on much larger planets would be much larger themselves. Or a different mixture of atmospheric elements would lead to larger beings. Whatever. What’s fascinating is that they all have come to little ol’ Earth at some time in the distant past. Are they our Progenitors, as Wilcox states? Or did they all dabble in our DNA?

Yeah…strange musings at 4 am in the morning. sigh