I am unwilling to believe that I cannot deal with a psychic attack on my own, so I’ve gone in search of more information. To be honest, I always thought I was well protected from attack, since I have been bothered by demons and such since I was quite young. I have always believed that the Light can protect us, by preventing dark energies from entering our auric fields. I shield each night and every morning with a white Light egg, usually with an ultraviolet or hematite overlay to quiet down/make less noticeable the Light. I have mentioned before that ultraviolet Light will make things “not noticeable” if not invisible on the etheric level. And the hematite shield helps deflect the negative energy back to its source.

I sleep with a rather large piece of hematite, and I keep a piece of black tourmaline beside my bed, and do a meditation at night with it. I use the black tourmaline on my Well of Dreams chakra, to prevent psychic attack. This article here talks about protecting the back of your neck (she calls it the 4 1/2 chakra, or the Alta Major chakra), and says it’s a highly sensitive portal and is an entry point for psychic attack. Recommendations include:

  • Rub one drop of the essential oil vetiver, juniper or sandalwood into the back of your neck. Rub in a spiral motion, starting small and gradually increasing to the whole back of your neck. I personally do this most days.
  • Wrap your neck in a scarf. 
  • Wear sandalwood mala beads
  • Rub a piece of black tourmaline, in a circular motion, into the back of your neck for a few minutes before going to sleep at night.  You can even pop it under your pillow. Black tourmaline offers a powerful protective shield.  Great for psychic attacks.
  • Sun the back of your neck

So I usually do the black tourmaline thing at night, as part of my shielding.

You would think that I have a pretty good handle on the whole protection thing, right? So how did this happen with the damn manta ray woman dream attack??? I’m wondering if perhaps the guy who got rid of my “attachments” left me open somehow? Reading about eliminating etheric attachments and cutting cords, it is also important to heal the holes and tears in our auras that are left behind. I know this. I am using pyrite to help with this. I have a bunch of pyrite, including some chalcopyrite, and have put these pieces in one of my little crocheted crystal pocket keepers I make. I have kept the bag with me while I sleep. Pyrite is supposed to help heal holes in your aura.

Pyrite is a very protective stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds. Pyrite blocks energy leaks & mends auric tears. Carry pyrite in your pocket to protect you from both environmental pollution & physical danger. – my Pinterest post

I also did a meditation to make my aura field whole, filling it with white Light and imagining it as smooth and whole, the white Light filling in any holes or gaps from attachments that have been severed. I made sure to eliminate the attachments to some problem people in my life as well.

So…shouldn’t I be in pretty good shape to thwart any kind of psychic attack from the Dark? I feel like I have closed the holes from the attachment removals that guy did originally, but I wish I had thought of it sooner, before that stupid psychic attack dream.

Now this site made a good point that I’d heard before:

First, understand that nothing can harm you or invade you without your permission. The trick is realizing that you have given permission (if you have). For instance, you might feel you somehow deserve to be attacked, or you might believe that others have the right to attack, or you might feel you don’t deserve to be treated with decency, honesty, and respect. If you believe that you don’t deserve much, and that other people, entities, and spirits deserve more than you do, then if an entity tries to invade your space, telling you on the spirit level that he or she “needs” it or “needs” to use your body, then the part of you that believes you deserve less will say “yes.”

To deal with this, remind yourself that you are in charge of yourself and your reality, and set clear boundaries between yourself and others. That’s also a good step to take to help clear yourself of those energies. It can be hard to track down the beliefs that allow attack, but the best way to go about resolving this kind of thing is to start with what you are in control of, and that is yourself.

I did include this idea in my meditation when I tried to get rid of the manta ray entity…I demanded that it leave me, that I have free will and I do not give it permission to feed on me! I tried to do this forcefully as opposed to angrily, and sent it love and light from Source to feed on instead. And insisted it had to leave! I was pretty certain it was gone, and that guy said he got rid of it…so why is my back hurting me in those places? Why am I feeling tired the last couple of days? Perhaps they are unrelated? Hmmm…I don’t believe in coincidences. 😦 Did I somehow give it permission to feed on me, so my meditations and working to rid myself of this entity is ineffectual? Why would I give it permission? Is it significant that it was a female entity? (I am less antagonistic towards females).

The girl upstairs has been a problem for me for awhile now…she’s loud and has a foul mouth when she’s angry and fighting with her boyfriend. And she’s always fighting with him for the last several months. A couple of nights they were fighting, and on one of those nights they woke me at 1 am, so I called the police. Then the other day, they were at it again, and when I saw her, she apologized for the noise, then 10 minutes later, was at it again! So I called the police a second time. I also talked to the landlady about this, and was told this was the girl’s third strike and she’s going to evict her. The people in the back have been complaining too. However, I suspect she figures it’s my fault, since I am more ostensibly upset by her behavior. I’m the one who called the police after all. So I am worried that she is sending me “negative energy” as a result. But I feel I am protected from mere human psychic attack…could she be the manta ray woman??? I think I will have to meditate on this. And maybe do one or more of the following, also from the same site:

Another thing to try is taking a shower and scrubbing yourself all over with a combination of sea salt and liquid soap plus dried peppermint and eucalyptus leaves. That can have a very good spiritual clearing effect. Use lots of salt. You can often buy pre-made salt scrubs. You don’t need to do this every time you shower, but perhaps once a week. Salt has an immense capability to clear energy fields. Also, when you shower, imagine that the water is pure loving energy that cleanses your energy field of all negative energies.

Along the same lines of visualization, tend to your energy field every day, several times a day if necessary. Each time, bring your attention to it and imagine that you are clearing it out using your favorite images. Perhaps you can imagine you are standing under a clean, cleansing rain, or that you are being warmed and cleaned by the powerful rays of the sun, so that your energy field is cleared of all debris and dark energies. You might imagine that you are hosing off the inside of your energy field with pure, sparkling energy water that is imbued with the power of Love. Perform your chosen visualization at least once a day.

I always use Epsom salts in my bath, specifically to eliminate negative energy. Maybe I’ll start adding peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils now. I do burn both of these in a diffuser, but for my allergies. Nice to know they’re protective too! And I have been doing a visualization of burning my auric field with bright white light, hot like the sun, since then too. Hmmm…maybe I will contact a Reiki healer friend to see what she can sense….