A few nights ago, I was awakened from a disquieting dream. I know it was a psychic attack, and I am not certain that I am free of it. I still feel as if there is something on my back, at my shoulder… 😦

I dreamt I was in this pool of water, and this woman approached me. She was a Manta Ray person, and she grabbed me from the back and latched onto me! Her mouth was sucking at my right shoulder, and I could feel her gills sucking at the sides of my back. It was very disgusting, and I struggled to throw her off. I woke up, and could still feel something heavy on my back. I threw white light around myself and at it, and fell back to sleep. I don’t remember any more dreams, but when I woke in the morning, I did some meditation work to pry this thing off and burn it up with holy light.

I contacted this man who had been helping me with eliminating my attachments, see posts here and here. Before telling him anything about the dream, he did a “scan” and said I had a “critter” that was feeding on me. He got rid of it, he claims. But I am not so sure. He seemed more interested in working on my root chakra. He also had a strange way of making me feel disempowered. I am not letting him work on my root chakra.

So…how do I know if I have this thing still attacking me or not? I have been abnormally tired the last couple of days, and it makes me wonder. And I kinda blame this guy for making me feel like I cannot handle these things on my own…that I need him to correct these problems. When I asked him how do I prevent this from happening, and how do I get rid of it, he gave me no advice on handling it on my own. It seems to me a healer should help you heal yourself…don’t you think????

I hate that I am feeling like I can’t take care of this myself…that I cannot rid myself of this psychic leech. I have been praying for help, and doing meditations to eliminate it…why do I no longer feel this is sufficient? Why did I let that guy disempower me? And how do I get back my sense of sovereignty??? bleah