Back in 1899, Nikola Tesla detected a signal coming from a satellite orbiting the earth for the last 13,000 years. It is believed that this is the UFO seen in many ancient manuscripts. What is it, and what is it doing up there??? Here is a nice little video that will give you a brief overview of this mystery.

The Pepsi Co released an interesting little video about “The Black Knight Decoded”.

What is the Pepsi Co trying to say with this video?

The radio frequencies have been decoded before by Duncan Lunan, a Scottish scientist, who also thought to plot the axis of both the pulse and the echo delay to come up with a representation of the Epsilon Bootis star system as it was 13,000 yrs ago. The message was from Epsilon Bootis as well, and is given on the link above.

Is it an espionage device…are they watching us to see how we are developing?  Is it a clue to our past, and our creators? The message references Antares, which is a red super-giant star that is nearing the end of its lifecycle…when it goes supernova, will the people on the planets surrounding this star need somewhere to go? Is the Black Knight a type of drone sent out to find suitable new worlds to inhabit?

Now the Pepsi video suggests that the Black Knight satellite will activate once it’s decoded, but doesn’t really go into what will happen once activated. Well, it has been decoded, so what is Pepsi trying to suggest here? It seems a ploy to get us to all cooperate for a greater good, but…yeah, I’m a good conspiracy theorist! LOL

Pepsi uses GMOs in their products, and paid millions of dollars to prevent GMO labelling. They have nothing to hide. Riiight…I am certain they have no hidden agendas…NOT! So…I am really suspicious of their motives for a) making this video and b) what they mean to imply by it. If it’s already been decoded, then what is this video about? Hmmm…I’m even more suspicious of Pepsi now! I haven’t used their products in at least a couple of years now, but I’d be even more leery of them now that they’ve made this weirdly suspicious video about the Black Knight.

Addendum: Pepsi has admitted that it's Aquafina bottled water is actually filtered tap water here, and they have also admitted to knowing that the caramel coloring that they use in their Pepsi cola products is cancer causing here.

While watching this video, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop…I kept envisioning that all the lovely people working so hard to come together to make up those large-scale projects indicating love and the spirit of cooperation were about to blown to smithereens! Maybe it’s just me, but what if that Black Knight was going to target each of the installations with a death ray or something? Is it just me, or was there something kinda sinister in how that video ended? bleah

To be honest, from the decoded message, I did not get that feeling, but if Antares is on its last legs, maybe the people who sent the satellite intend to take over this planet when their own is destroyed. Maybe that is the message. What does the Illuminati that Pepsi is a part of know about this thing? I don’t know what they’re trying to tell us, but the Illuminati never have anything good for us in the works. sigh

In the David Wilcock interview…they talk about this Black Knight video at about the 1:40:00 mark, and David says that it’s an Illuminati group that made it, and the Eye of Horus is seen in the opened up satellite. He seems to think it’s just a play by the Illuminati to further their own agenda and their belief structure. In any case…it was a really weird video for Pepsi to put out during the Superbowl, where millions would see it. Wonder if there’s a subliminal message in it??? I’m just glad I didn’t see the original on TV!

The host of the interview (Jimmy Church) feels that Pepsi did a great job of breaking through and providing full disclosure to a large group who wouldn’t normally be exposed to such esoteric knowledge. A lot of people now knows about the Black Knight…I hope this is a good thing!

Addendum: SecureTeam10, which is a really great UFO site, has this video about the Black Knight and some footage of a UFO sighting made a few months ago of a craft that looks suspiciously like the Black Knight. I personally don't think it's the Black Knight satellite, which I think is merely an observation satellite, but I think the new footage may be a craft from the same ET race. It's fascinating to watch, and the craft fades away and disappears, which makes me wonder if the Black Knight doesn't do this too, and that is why it hasn't been noticed all the time and reported on more often.