Back when I was in university during the early 1980s, I took a Space Science class as an elective for my science requirement. I remember learning about Saturn’s rings, and I remember thinking that I thought it was all bunk. I did not believe they were rings of rocky debris, and I remember being amazed that they would pass off such speculative theory as fact. And indeed, I laughed when they went past Saturn decades later and discovered they weren’t what they had thought, and had to redo the text books. Ha! Looked good on them! However, it seems disinformation is still rife with NASA, and the rings still aren’t what they are saying they are. sigh

How did I know they weren’t what the scientists were saying? I knew instinctively they were wrong about them, but at the time I didn’t really look further into my own intuitive workings on the subject. I just assumed I was smart enough to realize that the scientists had no real proof of what they were describing as fact, and that alone made the info suspect. Now I’m wondering what other knowledge I do possess…that Ladosa Jenavi possesses (my starseed/Higher Self persona).

I am watching another video interview with David Wilcock, and they are doing an update for August 2016. At around the 1 hour mark, they are discussing the Cult of Saturn, and David mentions that there were a race of very large beings that lived on Saturn, and they used a glass-like material to build a ring around the planet, complete with living quarters and such. I guess Saturn did not originally have rings. This original race of beings were a builder race, and they weren’t evil, but the ring they were building had the capacity to become a super-weapon that would not only protect the planet, but could also potentially take out any other planet in the galaxy. The ring was destroyed by higher beings/their enemies who knew such technology couldn’t be allowed to remain in place, for the beings on Saturn were war-like beings sent to this section of the universe to learn love. They were exiled here, and since they were negative beings with enemies, they wanted that large weapon to protect themselves. Being war-like though, they would have used it against others, so it was destroyed.

I guess the material used was like glass…a transparent aluminum that was more quasi-crystalline, and the explosion was so great that the “glass” scattered into what is now the rings. I guess if you look at the B rings, there is all this debris that NASA (that bastion of disinformation) claims is ice, but what is actually this glass-like material, and is filled with clear girders and beams, and rooms with desks and chairs even! David’s informants have told him that they have actually gone out to Saturn’s rings and seen this, using the reverse-engineered spacecraft from the Roswell incident. There’s all kinds of technology floating around in the rings!

Why doesn’t NASA tell us all this???