I have been using my Dotsero Diamond stone quite a lot lately, since it has become a great aide in helping me to ground myself. I’ve talked about how this stone has told me I wasn’t doing the grounding right here, and had a further dialogue about why it gets so hot when I hold it. The picture above is my actual Dosero Diamond. It’s a quartz crystal embedded in a piece of reddish basalt. I think it is the basalt that is more significant for me though…I think that is the portion that helps me feel grounded. I’d like to get some more of that basalt!!!

Anyway, I was meditating with it again this morning, trying to ground the negative energies that I’m still a little worried about from my unfortunate encounters with this disempowering Reiki healer. He told me I had an RFid chip in the back of my neck, had an attachment that blocked my crown and throat chakras, and a “critter” that was feeding on me. He claims to have removed these things, so…I thank him and send him off with Love and Light. But…I’m having my doubts about his veracity. I’m thinking he was full of ego, and coming from a place of trying to help another by proving himself to be superior. Whatever. I’m not dealing with him any longer. I will heal myself, thank you anyway.

I had a disturbing dream that was a psychic attack that I discuss here, and I’m still a little worried that Manta Ray Woman is feeding on me. So…I’ve decided to use fire to burn it up in Divine Light. I’d asked Chango to help before, but I like to be independent and do stuff myself. It may be gone, but I still worry about the negative energy it was feeding on inside me. I don’t want it to come back. So this morning I decided to try to ground any negativity in me and my auric field.

Using the Dotsero Diamond, I let it make me feel heavy, but instead of just becoming the rock of Mother Earth, the stone heated up and I became the magma that exists below the rock. Wow…what a great meditation! I connected at a really deep level with the earth, and I felt myself become molten fire. All negativity was transmuted by that all-encompassing fiery energy. And I had a healing… 🙂

Over a year and half ago, I got a papercut on my right eyeball…a severe corneal abrasion. The opthamologist who helped me talked me into having laser surgery to correct my floaters just 12 days later. I have had nothing but trouble with my eyes since! Do NOT ever have this done…it doesn’t work (my floaters were back a week later), and can cause other problems. I still have problems with my eyes drying out and hurting upon awakening in the morning…I have to spend a couple of minutes getting my eyes to open and work. I’m very pissed at this stupid opthamologist…in retrospect, it doesn’t sound like a good idea to do laser surgery on someone who’s just suffered a severe corneal abrasion! And it’s both eyes that are affected now, not just the right eye.

Anyway, I’ve been praying and meditating and doing positive affirmations to heal my eyes for a while now. This morning, while I was meditating with the Dotsero Diamond and imagining myself as molten magma, a strange thing happened…I started getting these sharp pains in my right eye! It hurt, but I tuned into what was causing this pain, and made the realization that my eye was being healed!!! I was able to open my eyes up without pain, so I am going to see if this continues to bear out from now on. I am cautiously hopeful that my eyes have indeed been healed by “burning up” the negativity in me using the molten magma. Yay!!! Thank you God/Gaia/guardian angel!!! Thank you Dotsero Diamond. This is turning into a very useful, beneficial stone for me. Thank you my dear friend K who gave it to me. ❤