I know that I have some sort of wheat sensitivity…whole wheat products make me nauseous and I will vomit them up. I’m better off with just plain white bread products rather than the whole wheat ones. Well, listening to David Wilcock, in one of his interviews, he talks about how wheat has been tampered with and is now quite toxic to us! Of course it is heavily GMO’d, which I should have known, but it causes unhealthy spikes in our blood sugar and is probably the leading cause of diabetes! David says if you want to help yourself the most, stay away from wheat and sugar. Yeah…good luck with that! Our damn food industry is killing us with all these GMO’d products that are downright toxic to our systems! That’s not even considering the damn noxious chemical shit they make into foodstuff, like artificial sweeteners and MSG and high fructose syrup.

Oh…they won’t kill you right away. Nope. They’ll make you sick and cause your system to break down instead, which is what will kill you. That way you don’t make the connection between your food and your sickness/death. I became vegan to avoid the damage from eating meat and other processed foods, and damn Monsanto goes and fucks up the damn vegetable kingdom! Is there any winning here???? 😦

I already knew that corn was all GMO, and soy too. Tomatoes too. Actually, what hasn’t been genetically altered any more??? It’s disgusting! Twenty years ago, I became vegan in order to get away from the hormones in meat, and because it was the spiritually right thing to do. I was morally outraged at how our farm animals are treated, and I could not in good conscience eat our little brethren any longer. Animals have souls, an individual sentience, a sense of self, much like us. It’s not right to eat things with souls, in my opinion. Now, I eat fish, because fish have group consciousness. Technically, I would eat bugs too for that same reason, but aesthetically…no way!

I worked hard to incorporate new kinds of foods from other cultures that have always eaten a more vegetarian based diet. I eat a lot of foods that most people don’t hear about, and wouldn’t probably eat. But then…I feel the same way about their food. Meat is disgusting…I can’t eat it! It grosses me out just watching others eat it! bleah

But anyway, I became vegan to spare the animals, on moral and spiritual grounds. I also became vegan for health reasons. We are not carnivores, nor even omnivores like bears and dogs. We are actually frugivores, which are fruit eaters. If you look at some of our closest animal relatives, the apes and chimps, and give them 3 piles of food, watching what they choose to eat gives you a damn good idea what we should be eating. Out of 3 piles of food containing a) fruits b) veggies and c) meat, the primates will eat all the fruit first, then the veggies. They won’t touch the meat.

For those who say you need to eat meat protein for strength…go tell that to a great ape, who’ll probably pick you up and toss you across the room without breaking a sweat! Did you know that the only man to ever win the Ironman Challenge six times was vegan? No one else has done this. You can get protein from other things than meat…protein is actually 26 different amino acids, and while meat does contain all 26, it is animal protein, not human protein. Our bodies have to break down those 26 amino acids and recombine them to make it into human protein. That extra processing doesn’t happen with vegetable protein.

Eating vegan is very difficult in our culture though. Shopping vegan is an exercise in frustration. For one thing, they throw whey and milk byproducts in all kinds of things! Reading labels always makes me want to cry. sigh. Becel has finally made a vegan margarine though…yay!!! And it’s non-hydrogenated, meaning it’s not a plastic like most margarines. Yeah, I’ve done a lot of research into nutrition and food stuff. A lot.

Now, I’ve depended heavily on things like bread and pasta and rice and beans for the bulk of my diet. I do buy a lot of rice and veggie types of pasta, but having moved to a small town, I’m finding my options are very limited. I can’t even buy alfalfa sprouts with any regularity. sigh. Both grocery places do have small ethnic sections where I can buy things like quinoa and couscous. However, there is only a limited variety of items. And I am now finding myself, after 3 years here, tired of the same old, same old.

I have recently started including organic eggs ($6/doz!!!) or sometimes the omega 3 eggs ($3/doz), but I am finding I am really craving eggs more and more. Is this something to do with the eggs, or are my dietary preferences changing, say because of ascension? I’m thinking maybe I need more protein in my diet, and eggs do have anti-inflammatory properties (good for my TMJ).

After what David said though, I looked up about wheat, and diet alternatives, like the Paleo diet. But the Paleo diet substitutes meats for the grains, which is the opposite of what I did when I became vegan. Can I be a vegan Paleo? Not really…not a whole lot of choices are available to me as one. sigh

But trying to eliminate wheat from my diet also limits me in so many ways I never realized! Wow…wheat is in everything! My breaded fish, all baked goods, in sauces…it’s terrible! Like whey and milk byproducts, wheat is in all kinds of processed foods. Yes, I should eat only whole foods, but I HATE cooking. I hate food prep and meal prep. Since I am only cooking for one, it’s not worth the hassle of spending a lot of time on preparing fresh fruits and veggies. I do eat quite a bit of such things, but I often want something more…substantial if you will. More filling. Especially in the winter, when I’m feeling cold.

And there are some very “basic” veggies I don’t like…onions, peppers, mushrooms, avocados, sweet potatoes, eggplant, zucchini…things that are most commonly found in the store and proposed for “vegetarians”. Bread substitutes that are suggested include using portobello mushrooms, grilled red peppers, slices of eggplant or zucchini, sweet potato crepes, etc, etc. sigh.

What’s a gal who’s trying really hard to nourish my body and soul the best I can to do? Maybe I’ll just give up eating. 😦 I hope to God that my prayers over my food helps. sigh