Now I have a BIL (brother-in-law) who’s a shoo-in for Cro-Magnon. He’s a redneck hick whose parents were second cousins, he eats roadkill, and spends a lot of time hunting, fishing and drinking (not necessarily in that order). I have no idea why my sister married this man, and I have never liked him. He grunts, uses monosyllabic words, and is verbally abusive to my sister and nieces. I once got mad at him for kicking my 8 yr old niece in the butt and telling her to go clean her room (I do go into rages though…sigh). He refused to let me into their home after that, although he has somewhat relented in recent years (this niece is now 20yrs old). But…I had to sleep in the trailer if I slept over (I used to live in Windsor, which is 45 min away). My sister would have me out to help her with her gardens, since I’m quite knowledgeable about plants, even taking a one year Horticulture course at the community college.

Anyway, Mr. Cro-Magnon was always my least favorite BIL, and I felt so sorry for my poor sister being married to him. Quite frankly, I’m shocked they had 2 kids!!! Anyway, my sister is now leaving him after almost 25 years. And he’s gone and done something amazing…he’s changing! He’s become more responsive to my sister, he’s doing stuff for her, he’s willing to pay for the rent on her new place, he’s going to fix up the house (finally!!!) while she’s gone…of course, he thinks she’s coming back. That it’s just a trial separation or something. But she’s met someone else that the psychic has said is a soulmate, which he might very well be. He seems nice enough, although I’ve never met him (we now live in the same small town). Her energy is now tied up with this new guy, and she just doesn’t love her husband. But she says she feels so guilty, because he’s honestly changing for the better! He’s shocking her right and left, and she’s feeling conflicted.

We were talking yesterday, and she related the latest incident…her husband has found out about this other guy, and of course he was mad. But he told my sis that although he wants to punch this guy out, he won’t because it wouldn’t prove anything. He would probably be jailed for assaulting the guy, and my sister would hate him for it. But he loves her, so he won’t do that. He’s willing to fight for her though, and convince her he’s changed.

Wow. I’m in shock. If ever there was proof that the vibrations have changed, this is it!!! The last Wave X was at the end of June, and look what is happening in Mr. Cro-Magnon!!! It is amazing to say the least…something has definitely happened to him on a spiritual level. I don’t know if my sister will stay with him (I don’t think so though), but he’s becoming a better person. This is such a Wave X thing…he is a perfect example of how even the lowest of the human race has now been transformed into a 5th dimensional being. Yup…I believe his DNA has been upgraded…and he’s ascending!!! Yay!!!

Something else is happening too…I no longer feel enmity towards him. I’m so over what happened so many years ago, and I actually feel sorry for the poor guy. He lost his father a few years ago, his sister several months ago, and his mother just a couple of months ago. He only has his older brother now. He’s also losing his wife now. I am honestly happy for him that he’s effecting these changes in himself, and I do believe that there is someone else that is going to come into his life, so he’s not going to be alone. I’ve told my sister this, so she won’t feel so guilty about leaving. But it’s all good…I can see how this is all for the betterment of his soul. And I find myself kinda rooting for him. Yeah…Wave X did happen. LOL