I wrote this after the first couple of Chango dreams. I wondered if the same individual was known by different names by different cultures. If they were all long-lived, then they could have moved around to different regions as well, becoming known by a different name.

Occult Codex 05-21-16

“the orishas are emissaries of Olodumare, or God Almighty. They rule over the forces of nature and the endeavors of mankind”Orishanet.org.

Someone on YouTube explained them as elemental energy, which makes sense to me. I believe they are archetypes as well. Chango seems a lot like Ares, Oshun is like Aphrodite, Oya is like Kali or Diana/Artemis. Although they have different traits, it seems to me. I think they were all once human though – could the gods of each ancient culture be the same person perhaps? 

Although the more I think on this, the more I am convinced that the African Orishas are not the same as the Roman/Greek gods. I do believe that the Roman gods and the Greek gods were one and the same people, but I feel like the energy of the Orishas is different. Maybe elemental? And what would that mean?

I can feel Oya in the fierce winds we get around my area, and I have felt Chango’s fire when he helped me clean some negativity in my auric field. I can feel these elements as an essential part of who each of them are…and reading other people’s encounters of the various Orishas, they too seem to “feel” Oshun and Yemaya in the flowing rivers and waters (see this article on Ochun the Golden), along with other stories from people who practice the more traditional Santeria or Yoruba religions. Though they seem to have a different perspective on the Orishas than has been my experience.

Why would they present themselves differently to me than to more traditional practitioners? Is it that my perspective colors my perception differently, so I perceive them differently? I don’t really have any stereotypes about them, since I’m not at all familiar with the Orishas or the religions that worships them. I do know that Chango initially presented himself as a white man to me, and when I asked him why, he said to make himself more desirable and less threatening, since I am a white woman. I think he was trying to find a common ground for us to meet. He’s a warm, flirty presence, which seemed at odds to the fierce warrior image often presented for him. I think that is more traditional guise, and how the religions portray him. And he has told me that he isn’t like that any more…he’s changed and matured.

Question: Are the gods/goddesses also going through ascension too? Especially the Orishas, who are “elemental energy” and thus more closely tied to Gaia?