…or could this be a case of the evil eye???

I got up around 9:30 am this morning, and was just coming out of the bathroom when the power went off. I thought…”what the hell?”. Now, this is a strange little town, and although I’m thankful that the power doesn’t go out during storms, it has a bad habit of going out at other times…for no discernable reason. sigh That is what I thought this was, although I noticed that the streetlights were still on half a block away. But that’s main street, and the dividing line between the east and west sides of town. At around 10:30 I opened the front door to feed the feral cat when an envelope dropped down from between the door jamb.

It was a notice of discontinuation of power due to non-payment! Now, my rent is inclusive, and I don’t even deal with the power company. I called my landlord, and was told that he had paid the bill and didn’t understand why I got such a notice. He assured me he would pay it again and try to figure out what went wrong when he got home (he’s a trucker). Well, according to the notification, the power would be turned back on between 1 and 4 pm, provided the payment was made before 3 pm. A guy came by around 1:30 to make sure someone was home and to turn it back on. And strangely, it was pouring rain, and he had to wait a bit for it to stop so he could turn it back on.

It has been horrendously hot and dry this summer…we are in a drought situation to be honest. It has been raining a lot the last couple of days though, but fortunately, the nice steady rain type, not the crazy, high wind type of thunderstorm. However, this was a crazy, horizontal rain type of storm that had just come up as the power company tech showed up. Very strange. It only lasted a few minutes, and it’s still cloudy, but not raining any longer.

So…something went wrong at the power company and my landlord’s payment is misplaced, causing my power to be shut off. Thankfully, it has cooled down a bit, and keeping the windows and doors shut, I managed to stave off the heat from having the central air off for 4 hours. But as the technician is set to turn back on my power, this freak storm of just a couple minutes duration starts up??? Does this seem strange to anyone but me???

I had an argument with my upstairs neighbor yesterday, when her mother was there. I have problems with this neighbor because she is constantly disturbing me with her many loud arguments with her boyfriend…I have had to call the police twice now because it was late at night! Well, she is also a slob, and 2 weeks ago, I had to rinse out our shared big blue garbage bin because it stank and was full of maggots! I don’t know what she had thrown out, but it was in there for several days, in this horrible heat. 😦 I had noticed that the bin was full on the Thursday, and garbage pickup is on Monday.

Well, she did it again this week, and there’s some kind of brown sludge at the bottom. I told her I am refusing to put the bin at the curb from now on…the bin is now her responsibility! She claims she didn’t put anything in it, but I know it wasn’t me…I have only a half-bag of garbage each week, and very little is food. And…I’m vegetarian. I don’t drink coffee or drink pop…so I don’t know what the brown liquid at the bottom is, but it didn’t come from me! I left the bin with the top off by her porch, and she was putting it away without cleaning it! (note: the bin is kept on a couple of cement blocks by my porch).

For some strange reason, I don’t trust her mother. I wonder if she’s not a witch or something. She has that vibe about her. So I’m wondering if she’s using the evil eye on me, because I am sure they both think it’s my fault that the daughter is getting evicted. I’ve been vocal with the girl, whereas the people in the back have just been complaining behind her back.

The thing is…I don’t actually feel any rancor towards her…I just want her to move away to her own house, with a yard for the baby and dog, so that if she wants to scream and yell and slam doors with her bf, she won’t disturb anyone. I am not stupid…if this energy comes back to me, I don’t mind if I get a nice little house without apt neighbors. LOL So…is someone sending me some negative energy because they’re mad at me??? I’m thinking this is the case…and I’m not even saying that whoever is doing it on purpose…just that someone has a way of making their intentions hit their targets. 😦 It’s probably unconscious, but now I’m feeling under psychic attack…again. sigh

I do have a hamsa, which is what the image above is. It is supposed to ward off the evil eye. I made 2…one out of clay, and one a drawing. I have the clay one in the window that overlooks the girl upstairs’ porch, and the drawing is in the kitchen window on the opposite side of the house. Maybe I need to re-imbue the hamsas…cleanse them and do a ritual to reinstate their protective energy. Geez…maybe it’s the Dark still trying to come after me! Is Manta Ray woman still bothering me? Or is it the damn reptilian I found on the moon? The Matrix does have it in for us Lightworkers…see this video!

Feeling this way makes me certain there’s something negative attacking me though. Those damn ickyons!!! 😦