My friend K and I were discussing Venus, and whether it was once an Earth-like planet. My memories as Ladosa Jenavi say no, it wasn’t, at least not when I came here. K believes that both Venus and Tiamet (the planet that exploded and caused the asteroid belt), were Earth like.

Now, I know (as Ladosa Jenavi) that there is only ever a really small region around any star/sun where the water remains liquid and green growing things develop. In many cases, the “habitable zone” around a star is either too small to support a planet, or there is nothing in that zone. So most star systems don’t have blue green planets. I find it hard to believe that our sun, which is only a medium, young star, would have 4 such planets. When my people came here, there were only 2…Earth and Mars. I think we would have have discovered this region way before we did if there were 4! I don’t think the probability of that many blue green planets in such a small star’s system is very high.

What is my friend K’s response??

There is no probability if we created it that way.

We were God and created the entire Universe.

Ummm…what??? 😦

I do not believe I was ‘created’ by a higher entity. I have always existed.
I have felt memories of being an active part of the creation process.

Now I’m worried about my friend! 😦

He laughed it off (LOLed) and kinda brushed me off. That sounds like a very archon thing to say though. I am worried about who is in contact with. He’s talked of the Blue Avians, who are benign (see Corey Goode), but he remembers coming to this star system too. In what role, I am now wondering??? He says he gets his info from his twin flame Karen, but he sometimes calls her Mara. I am thinking that Mara is a different entity to Karen. I am worried about my friend now. 😦