Wow…why can I not resolve this issue I’ve been having about the moon? I’ve read so much esoteric information on it, that I don’t know what to think any more. I recently read that the moon was brought to our solar system and was first placed around the planet Tiamet that later exploded and became the asteroid belt. After that planet exploded, it was steered over to us.

What I want to know is why would you bring a natural asteroid/satellite in from somewhere else? This seems to suggest it’s not a natural satellite. Or could it have been a natural satellite that was hollowed out and made into a space station? Propulsion systems built in so it could be “driven” to where it was needed?

My natural intuition is failing me on this matter…or I’m just overwhelmed by too much information! There’s a part of me that wonders if it’s even relevant any longer…that it was brought here hundreds of thousands or even millions of years ago. Maybe not, but…what if the people who did it are still there? I think that is relevant!

I try to tap into the moon’s energy to see what I “feel”, and I don’t seem to feel anything. It’s a full moon now, and I tried to tap into the moon last night, but couldn’t feel anything coming from her. Which is in contrast to all the other times when I always felt restless and edgy during the full moon. I’m not feeling that way now. What’s changed? Just my perceptions? Or could it be I’m being blocked after my encounter on my moon remote viewing expedition?

Why am I not able to get anything from my guides or angels? They seem strangely mute on the subject. Chango had told me that he didn’t know because he’s only concerned himself with the things on Earth. Human guides obviously don’t know everything…and since the gods and goddesses were once human, I guess they have our own blockages from info.

I am scheduled for a Reiki healing tonight, because it is the full moon, and my friend feels energized by the full moon’s energy. I asked her about it, and explained a little about how I’ve been reading it’s an artificial satellite, and didn’t always exist in our skies, etc, and this was her response:

We all have to go with what resonates with us, and at least for me, the moon energies have always resonated with me. Before I came to that conclusion, I kept track for almost a year, how I felt during certain times of the month, without paying attention to the moon phases. Without fail, I am always more emotional and intense during the full moon. That’s just me, though.

At one time, I would have agreed with her and not thought anything about it. That yes, there is a moon goddess or something. But what is really going on with the moon? Why does it affect us all so much? I’ve read something disturbing about soul catchers, which I will no doubt go into at some other time. I’m just hoping that doing this healing tonight is actually a good idea, because I trust this friend and need the healing. At the very least, I hope it doesn’t matter if the moon is full or not. I’ll get back to you on that!