After the disempowering “healing” I received from this random guy from one of my Facebook groups (he offered his services during a group event…see here and here), I contacted one of my dear friends who is a Reiki Master and teacher with her own business in healing using Reiki. I asked her to do a scan to confirm what this guy had been saying, and to see if she sensed any negative energy still rampant in my auric field after that psychic attack with Manta Ray Woman. She has been very busy, so unable to help until now. Here is her scan, and note how much more empowering she was!

Hey, sweet lady! So, I finally did the scan. I didn’t see anything “wrong” per se, so I am not sure what that person was seeing. What I did see was your heart is very heavy. There is a lot of old and newer grief there, and the same was in your solar plexus. Your third eye felt tired, and needed to be refreshed. The sacral and root chakras felt okay, but need a good clearing and balancing. The crown chakra felt okay, and also could use a good clearing and balancing. I did get the sense that there is a darker, dense energy hanging around your aura. I am sure you know how to kick out lower vibrational energies (use a ritual or spell) and didn’t want to do it without your permission. I also didn’t want to clear and balance your chakras without asking because there is a lot that needs to be released, and it could leave you feeling a little off for a couple days while you continue to release. I didn’t want to do any of that without checking with you first.

Now, that guy had said that my crown chakra and throat chakra were blocked, and that my root chakra needed a lot of work, which he was willing to do in several sessions. Oh…and he warned me that working on the root chakra can cause some “excitement” but to overlook it. That raised flags for me too! 😦 Granted, he may have cleared the crown and throat chakras, but she still felt that they all needed a “good clearing and balancing”!

I did tell her about this guy, and this is her thoughts on him, and what he told me about the “critter” that was attached to me after the Manta Ray Woman attack.

Ugh! There is a shaman here who basically disempowers his clients the same way. I believe in the universal spiritual law that if we use divine light, and our spiritual guidance team, along with our own tools, to tell an attachment to leave, and order them to leave us, they have to obey. Spirits, attachments, and any other energies are bound by this law, so it is upsetting when I hear of people who are supposed to be healers, disempower their clients, by telling them only they can clear stuff out. The attachment I sensed on you is not a spirit attachment, or any kind of creature attachment. It’s just lower vibrational dense energy that is sticking around, and needs to be cleared out. As you probably know, there are many reasons why we can attract these to us. However, the important thing is to realize when there is one attached so that we can get rid of it. Do you have the power to do that my dear, but if you would rather I do it I would be happy to.

Anyway, we decided to do a full 60 minute Reiki session on the night of the full moon. Last night. Since we have a 2 hour time difference, it was much later for me than her. She stayed later at work to set up for it. She is very sweet and giving of herself like this. 🙂 I laid down and lowered my shields and wrapped myself in White Light so only good energy could come to us, for I was a little worried that the negative energy might latch onto her instead. I do know that can happen, and I didn’t want to put her at risk.

She picked up a lot from her session…she said that a strong feminine energy that felt like a grandmother was there…she felt it was my paternal grandmother. I was close to both of them, so it’s quite possible either of them were there helping. I was very fortunate to have known each of my grandparents as an adult…my first grandfather died when I was 26! Grandma died in 2001, and Meme in 2006. Both were strong women, and I know both of them loved me unconditionally. 🙂 ❤

She also said she saw me in some of my past lives:

The one that really stuck out was you were a great healer in a previous lifetime. I didn’t really get much more information on that, other than it seemed to be around The 1500s or 1600s. It seems like it was someplace in Europe.[…] You were kind of like a witch. A very good one, of course. You used a ton of earth energy in your healings.[…] You had a ton of ancestors with you tonight, as well as friends from past lives. It was how I was able to see you were a great healer.

To give some background here…yes, during the 1500s I was a witch on some French speaking island in Europe is my guess. I was born, lived and died on the island, so I’m not sure where it was exactly. But yes, I worked with nature magic and the islanders would come to me for potions and things…I was very much a Marie Laveau type though. I don’t know if I was exactly a very good witch though…I had moved to the other side of the island to get away from the people who had angered me so much that I remained mute for the rest of my life! I may write more about this lifetime at another point in time. But it is an interesting perspective she gave me on this particular lifetime.

She did a full clearing and balancing on me, and here in her own words is what she found:

I did a full Chakra balancing and aura clearing on you. Your poor heart! I cleared a ton from there, as well as your solar plexus. 
Your third eye seemed tired, and I spent a lot of time there infusing it with a ton of divine light and love.
I mostly focused on the chakras and aura because they needed it the most.
Interestingly, I did feel that dense energy when I connected to you, but it didn’t feel as strong as it did the other night.

Well! That was great news! I’ve been working hard at clearing that out, so it seems that Mr. Ego Basher was wrong about being able to do anything about such things when you have attachments!

By the end, it felt more like leftover trailings, rather than dense, if that makes sense. Whatever you did was huge because it wasn’t powerful at all like it was the other night.
I got the impression that whatever it was, was draining you.
I think you got rid of almost all of it on your own, hon.
What I dealt with was not powerful at all. You did most of the work for me, lol!

This was very healing to me too! She renewed my faith in myself, that I had the ability to deal with the negative energy that was attacking me. I had always assumed (known!) that I could not just protect myself, but eliminate any darkness that may attack me. I know I have gotten rid of demons for others! Why not for myself? That was the disempowerment that guy did to me. 😦 But my faith in myself has been restored.

She also picked up that there was a lot of karmic stuff that needed clearing and healing, and that my poor heart was bearing the brunt of all that shit.

There is past life karma here in this life for you. Stuff that’s followed you. Have you ever sensed that? (Oh yeah! LOL)

I also kept getting the sense that the worst of it for you is in this life. You won’t have to go through some of the really tough shit of this life ever again.

Future lives will be more peaceful.

Some of what was in your heart wasn’t your own stuff.
Some of it was, but a lot of it wasn’t.

Same with your solar plexus.
It felt more like old energy. Stuff from the past. It didn’t feel like recent stuff you were holding on to. 

The stuff that’s not yours is the easiest to clear. The stuff that is is a little bit tricky because sometimes the person is not ready to let go of it. Reiki always honors free will. It will never clear anything the person is not ready to let go of.
I didn’t get that feeling with you at all.

So…I feel this was a most beneficial Reiki session! I got my chakras cleared and balanced, and my aura cleansed, learned my grandmother and a lot of my other ancestors are with me, and that I’m clearing out a lot of karmic stuff. Which is great, because that’s what I came back to do, since I do not intend to ever return here again. This is my last lifetime here. Whether I ascend or not. But it’s nice to have the verification of things I already knew. Verification of why my life has been so difficult, and why bad things keep happening despite my spiritual leanings.

I did a grounding exercise before going to sleep, the magma one where I let the lava burn away all the negativity, only to discover I was clean and clear! It was a weird feeling…I felt like my entire system was clean and full of Light! She really did a great job! Thank you Patricia for a wonderful healing experience, and thank you God! ❤