I just read an article dated Aug 18th on how to prepare for the Third Wave and Timeline Shift. I’m thinking she’s talking about the third and final Wave X event…which I thought happened on the Summer Solstice. According to Sandra Walter of Creative Evolution, the third wave occurs between September 26-29th. She calls it a gateway though, so I’m not sure what she’s actually referring to. She also has different timelines (approximately the same as the Wave Xs though) for the other “gateways”. She does have one for March, but it looks like the first wave from her perspective was 11-11-11. Yeah, I don’t know what she’s talking about with these gateways and energy waves.

Addendum 9-25-16 This video by Suspicious Observer mentions, almost in passing, about some strong Xrays coming from who knows where bombarding us. Check out the brief section about it at around the 1:34 point.

Now, if she is talking about the third and final Event Horizon (Wave X), then I’m thinking maybe she’s right. Supposedly the second wave happened on March 20th, and I did do a brief blog post on it. But to be quite honest, I didn’t feel anything happen energetically in March. I felt the first Wave X event, and I felt the one in June. So maybe this thing happening in September is the third and final Wave X. I dunno…I guess I will have to wait and see what happens then.

But the current energies do seem anti-climatic…maybe I’m expecting too much from these Wave X events? Although I was pleasantly shocked by the changes happening with my brother-in-law! They seem like irrefutable proof to me that ascension is happening! LOL

I know I am expecting something more…yes, like timeline shifts and such. I can see and feel the changes that are happening in our world, but I guess I’m expecting something more definitive to be occurring. It’s still feeling like the same old, same old for me at least. Although I did have a great Reiki healing experience yesterday! Maybe now I will feel the shifts better?

I am feeling more and more like the June Event Horizon was the second wave, and we are still to expect the Third Wave. What happened in March though? I had read that it was more for the animals, who are of course ascending too, right along with Gaia. Perhaps it was more geared for other beings on this planet, rather than for humans. It is pure hubris to assume that all energies sent to this planet are meant for our edification only!

Well, September will be here much sooner than we realize, so let us see what wonderful new energies await us! I do know there are 3 eclipses happening in the interim, starting with the lunar one last night, so there is definitely a lot of energy afoot!

Addendum 9-16-16 

I should bite my tongue with the whole "it's still feeling like the same old, same old" statement!! I have since gotten an eviction notice and I am about to go through some major changes not just to my living environment, but in learning to deal with the anxiety of not knowing where I'm going to move to! bleah