I just read something about how domestication can enhance an animal’s spiritual development. Ummm…this smacks of hubris to me! Why? Because animals are already closer to God than we are, and it’s ridiculously arrogant to think we can make them more spiritually aware by contact with us! Especially since so many animals are mistreated and abused by humans! A couple of guest writers at In5D.com even go so far as to say

Just as the angels and archangels help us in our evolution, humans and meant to help the animal souls. – Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

Hoo boy…not only are they comparing us to angels (not!), but that we are superior to them and can help their souls’ development. What a farce! Angels would never treat us like we treat the animals, and their soul development is not dependent on us at all! They come here to teach US lessons, and provide US with unconditional love. They don’t need us at all…they don’t have free will and cannot be evil or go against God, and thus, do not have karma to pay off. Their souls are already perfect. They are here to help us, much like angels. They certainly don’t need anything from us! We are not good role models, or even stewards!

And that is supposed to be our role here…to be good stewards to this planet and all it’s creatures. We have failed abysmally. It’s totally ludicrous to think that the animals would look to us for spiritual development! The authors of this article are delusional, in my humble opinion. Actually, I am not even sure what the point of the article is. Sorry, but I had to rant about this stupid article. LOL