Yeah, I’m getting monotonous here, but it’s a mystery that keeps bugging me. I suppose all the more so because I do feel bothered by the cycles of the moon. This last full moon really got to me…for 3 nights I was unable to sleep, and was up till almost 3 am, restless and prowling around in the dark. I could “feel” the moon’s energies…but what does this mean?

My main concern has been whether the moon is a legitimate “rock”, like the Earth and the other planets. They all have souls…does the moon? I’m not getting any definitive answers from the Universe on this…just lots of information about esoteric aspects of it. Maybe that is my answer???

Okay…I have learned that there was a time in history when the moon didn’t exist, that it was brought here and placed in orbit, and is a space colony of some sort. That doesn’t necessarily make it a mechanical machine though…a spaceship or something. David Wilcock said that it was brought here to Tiamet (the planet that exploded and became the asteroid belt) from somewhere else, and that when Tiamet exploded, some of its inhabitants used the moon to drive off to safety. Okay…what to make of that? Okay…I think I can buy into that, but it still doesn’t necessarily mean it’s mechanical, as opposed to natural, in nature. It could still be a natural rock that got hijacked and hollowed out to use as a waystation of sorts for some really advanced ETs.

But does it have a soul? Like Gaia, and Sol (the sun’s spirit)? The moon feels different than the Earth and the Sun…I can’t seem to “connect” to its spirit. But there is some sort of energy there, but it’s of a type I can’t figure out. In trying to figure it out, I’ve come up with some crazy stuff.

Reading one of my favorite blogs, Ruby’s Readings, I found this recent post:

We’ve all heard of how the ‘Full Moon’ affects human behavior, causing chaos; as it fills up emergency rooms, but we also see random acts of crime spike dramatically during a Full Lunar cycle. Not only does the Moon actually create the tides in the ocean, science has also proven that the ocean literally ‘swells’ during a ‘Full Moon.’ The human body is made up of around 70% water. If the ‘Full Moon’ can move an entire ocean it certainly can and does have impact on our human bodies that are mostly made of water. Water is strongly associated with and symbolizes our emotional well-being.

So just as the power of the ‘Full Moon’ can make entire oceans swell and move, the water we hold within ourselves becomes charged up from its energy, and this causes emotional side effects.

This gets me to thinking that perhaps there is something on the moon that is causing this effect…and it’s not a natural phenomenon. If the moon is colonized by aliens who probably aren’t sympathetic to us, could they be trying to manipulate us somehow? Maybe a death ray type of thing??? Although not as fatal as a death ray…just a ray that messes with people’s minds and emotions. Remember…the ickyons feed on our negativity. What if they are located on the moon, and use it as a base to watch us and control us? This feels horrifyingly possible.

Then there is the idea that the moon is a soul-catcher…see my post here. I think that would still be different than the weird shit that goes on during full moons though, but maybe similar technology? I’m not certain that a Moon god or goddess would do this to people…make them “loony” and emotionally unstable. I think something else is emanating from the moon to affect us, and not the moon’s natural electromagnetic energy (soul). I’m going to go with this idea, since I cannot seem to connect to any kind of soul energy associated with our moon. The moon is only alive inasmuch as there is sentient life on it or in it. I’m not sure I can even sense rock up there…I’d love to be able to see and touch some real moon rocks.