This post rings very true! And awakening the kundalini will force you to pull all the skeletons out of your closets and face them…all negativity will be illuminated and must be healed, sooner or later. Trust me, it’s not an easy path! I am always alarmed at the newbie who first awakens and thinks it’s so easy peasy. It takes a long time to learn the lesson from the image above. The dark seems to follow us from time to time, even after we’ve found the Light.



Something I heard on a podcast ages ago which I thought was quite profound:

“If you undertake a spiritual practice you will be confronted by your dark side. This is an axiom. The spiritual quest is dangerous, just as the books say.  Seeking the truth means experiencing pain and darkness as well as the clear white light” 

Meeting the Dark Side of Spiritual Practice An Essay by William Cark Ikeman

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