I was reading a very thoughtful post on Ethical Spiritual Intercession, and it got me to thinking about how to intercede when praying for others. Although I have my own pantheon of gods/spirit guides that I pray to for my own guidance, I had never stopped to think what would be appropriate for another with different religious/spiritual beliefs.

When Wayfaring Woman‘s friend was in a serious car accident and fighting for their life, she called upon the God that her friend worshipped for help. Not her own. Her reasons are wonderfully salient:

…it made the most sense to me as a spirit worker to call upon the spirits who had the strongest connection to my friend. I could have called a handful of Pagan gods to fight at my friend’s side because they like me well-enough but why not call a power who has bonds with the person in need and a power that I know the person’s spirit will resonate with and respond to.

She went on to elucidate that not only did she not have her friend’s permission to call in pagan powers into their life, but also figured that too many cooks in the kitchen can be a disaster. Who knows if they all will work well together for instance?

I have to agree with her…it is best to stick to the divine beings that most resonate with the person who needs the help. Guess I better tell my family about Chango and Oya! LOL