I was reading some disturbing stuff awhile back, about soul-catchers and the matrix that keeps us all enslaved to the damn karmic wheel of reincarnation. Here is the fascinating story that I read, complete with a picture of said soul-catcher (above).

Who knows if this is a doctored picture or not, but this is what they reported:

The launch of the space shuttle Atlantis on Feb. 8, was one of the most spectacularly beautiful ever. But something strange happened that has NOT been widely reported. A long, dark cone, extending from the shuttle’s bright exhaust plume to the full moon near the horizon appeared. Some described it as rainbow-like, and some observers wondered how a dark shadow could possibly extend from one very bright object (the shuttle plume) to another (the full moon).

Now, what doesn’t make sense to me here is why the soul-catcher would be activated during the space shuttle launch. No one died, so why would it be beaming anything off the shuttle? Or maybe it beamed something on it? Now, this was the third attempt to get the shuttle up for this mission…is that significant? I dunno…but the site author concluded that perhaps there was an exchange of souls on board the Atlantis, and someone came back with a different soul.

However, the significant part of that article deals with the story that was told about the Hungarian Esterhaszy family, who believe they are descended from Sirius. Their homeworld was destroyed and they came to our galaxy to rebuild.

the main body of souls traveled as a soul group from their home world to the star Sol, the Sun around which the Earth orbited. The soul group resided in the Sun until preparations had been made for the souls to travel to earth. When a soul was ready to individuate in preparation for going to earth, the soul was shot out of the Sun and went to the Moon.

When one of the souls from the Sirius Group was ready to travel to earth to reside in a body, the Federation would “shoot” the soul to earth with their “soul shooter” which was on the moon. When the soul had finished its lessons, there was a “reverse soul-shooter” in the Great Pyramid.


Now the Before Its News site talks about a cube on the moon, and states this is the soul-catcher…

“John says on coast 2 coast that a massive cube has been found on the moon, and that this cube is responsible for not only holding human souls here on earth, but that after you die, the cube pulls your soul to it, and then erases your memory, and then reinserts your soul into a new baby to repeat the process over and over again.

… the moon was brought here from another star system long ago, as part of the experiment … and that Earth was taken over about 200 thousand years ago, and Humanity is a genetically engineered slave race”

Okay, that makes it sound like the moon came from the Sirius star system, and goes on to say that when the Earth was taken over, the reptilians hijacked the soul-catcher too. This is also borne out by the Rumormillnews site:

I don’t remember much about what John Lear told me about the “soul catcher” that he knew about. What I do remember is that it was being used for a negative purpose rather than the purpose it had been created for.

It was catching souls, but it was catching them to enslave them, not as part of the two way transportation method that had been built to gain entry to a quarantined planet.

Gunther (a member of the Esterhaszy family) said that at the time this was going on, the Planetary Federation had a quarantine on the Planet Earth. No one was allowed to interfere in the ‘breeding experiment” that was going on.

It seems that the original soul-catcher (cube?) was put in place to bypass the quarantine on Earth. They couldn’t physically come to Earth, but had to do it the “hard way” like the rest of us ie. be born and die as humans.

Other proof of this idea that the Earth was a breeding ground is this statement from this In5D article:

If “God” created man and woman, then why are there so many blood types and Rh values? While it is feasible that the Anunnaki genetically manipulated our DNA to create a slave race, one must ask, “Why are there so many different races, languages, blood types and Rh values?” Surely, if the Anunnaki were to create a slave race, we would all be the same.

This leads us to another possibility: Not only did the Anunnaki create a slave race, but our galactic neighbors also seeded this planet with various races (Pleiadian, Lyrian, Arcturian, Andromedan, etc…) as a galactic experiment to see how we would all get along.

Now the Beforeitsnews site has a positive ray of hope to offer:

But this stolen ancient cube has been reclaimed and light bodies have been delivered to proper stasis chambers as it’s very necessary that consciousness wake up now, preparing to ascend out of this matrix …

Yet there is a knowing … that any just soul leaving the Mother Earth now before the Harvest Shift … who do not have a sustainable celestial light body … are caught up and delivered into a Positron Orb Sphere (often referred to as a bosom of souls) where consciousness are allowed
utopia dream worlds until their light Being can be incarnated in a proper body …

But there is a negatron orb and holding field of of their own collected negative energy .. where dreams are not so pleasant …

Most of these light consciousness in fields of dreams … will not incarnate until after quantum leap which positions the Orb of souls above the world of the New Earth … but that New Earth will set up and over in the upper 3rd Universal Plane … where as we are now.

This is fascinating news. Interesting to know what will happen to those who choose not to ascend with the rest of us. This resonates with me. I think this is very plausible actually. It’s interesting that I was led to this site, which is a bugger to use, with all the stupid ads and being kicked out of where you were reading. Glad I stuck with it though. I think this is valid info.