I just read this great article, and like this statement about the Dark…

Always remember that darkness has no resident energy. It is only the absence of light. It has no energy of its own. It cannot exist when light is present. It can only exist when the light fades. How does the light fade? Anger, hostility, hatred, fear, etc. The dark loves lower level consciousness. It thrives there. – Michael Forrester

I have always said this too…there is only the Light…darkness is merely the absence of Light. As a Lightworker, I am like a flashlight. I shine Light into the darkness. What happens when you shine light into the darkness? It becomes Light. This is how to defend against the Dark. This is how you eliminate demons too. I know this for a fact, for I have done it.

You don’t have to let darkness cause any emotion within you that causes discomfort. The dark energy is not intelligent. It is stupid. Really stupid. When it senses its own demise it keeps doing the things that lead to its demise.

Something else about demons…they aren’t legitimate souls. They are merely negative energy given form. They don’t have brains, or hearts, or souls. And it is us humans who have given our darkness forms, and created demons. We also created hell. Without humans, neither demons nor hell would exist. Why? Because all that exists is the Light. But we are little pieces of God/All that is, and thus co-creators. We have free will too…which means we can turn from the Light. Doing so creates the Dark, and all sorts of negativity, including demons and hell.

But it’s not real. You shine Light into that darkness, and it becomes Light again. This is the reality that the Ascension is bringing into human consciousness at this time. It is such a basic and simple concept, but we have all forgotten this Truth. Including me. I KNOW this stuff already, and yet I was recently sucked into being attacked by the dark. sigh. The Dark is working really hard to recapture the former control they had over us all.

What does darkness do when it realizes it is losing? It fights back like you wouldn’t believe. It is cowardly and has tantrums like a child. It wants to make you doubt your self-worth in an awakening world.

Thanks to my wonderful friend who did a Reiki cleansing on me, I am now feeling much more clear and light filled. The doubt is gone…I feel strong again, and know I can do this. 🙂 This being the work still necessary to get all of us through the Ascension process. Through the breaking down of the old World Order, and the development of the New World in 5D.

That was the gist of the article “States of Mind to Embrace the Coming Energy”. The first state of mind is to not allow fear create doubt, and includes the ideas above. The Dark will prey on our fears and doubts so we won’t be able to function in the new energies. We must try to step aside and see the fear as what it really is…not real. Remembering that all that exists is Light only, then dark becomes less scary…something that needs to be illuminated by the Light. A dark room can be scary, but turn the light on, and it becomes familiar and easily understood.

The second idea is to cultivate compassion for everyone, regardless of what stage of development they are at. And even more importantly, self-compassion. Without the self-compassion, you don’t have a good compass for showing compassion to others. Compassion is like a higher octave of love…a more mature expression of caring about others. We must learn to not just love other, but be compassionate towards them. Although I kinda think it’s easier to be compassionate to those who anger and upset us than to love them. But maybe that’s just me. It’s probably a semantics thing. Whatever. Just be kinder, more loving and compassionate.

The third state of mind to cultivate is discernment, or the ability to look within for the Truth. You can’t depend on others for validation, to agree with you, or alternately, to agree with their perspectives. You must trust your own divinity. It will never steer you wrong. Your Higher Self, your Oversoul, knows all and works for your highest good. And the article makes this very salient point:

Your DNA does not understand what others say to you. It understands what you say to yourself. You are your best healer. You are your best teacher. You are your best everything. You are part of everything and everything is a part of you. Realize that your DNA can amplify itself in patterns that reflect everything that you think, feel and act in your daily life. All health and all disease first manifests from this origin.

We truly are masters of our own fate, and with the Ascension energies coming in, we are all becoming more cognizant of this. The dark energies that have kept us afraid and subservient and unaware of our own Truth no longer have the iron clad hold they once did. We need to try to manifest the Light as much as possible at this time, to come fully into the ascension process and manifest the new 5D reality.