Wow…just read something fascinating here!

And, as much as the Red Shields’ plans to dominate Europe are now somewhat in tatters, still they fail to attain full dominance in the USA itself. There are many reasons for this. A big one I would like to point to is that the very soldiers that the Red Shields ship off all over the world to obtain control of foreign nations must all eventually come home. And when they do, they come home equipped with some significant combat skills. And they come home to a nation with a constitutionally enshrined right to bear arms. The importance of this right in the American constitution is often misunderstood. Mostly by the people of other nations, but also by many Americans themselves. This is not about giving you the right to hunt, to shoot at targets or even to defend yourself against criminals. Though, of course, you do have the right to use your arms in such a fashion, the framers of the American constitution actually intended for the American citizenry to carry a bigger stick, metaphorically speaking, than their own government does. And you do. Woe betide any government that sufficiently raises the ire of the American citizenry that they actually feel sufficiently universally aggrieved to take to arms and rise up! You have many times more individuals licensed to hunt deer in the US than any nation has in their entire army. There is no real way to accurately know how many individuals beyond that number own arms and how proficient they are in their use. But, factor in the veterans and it is a fact that the framers of the constitution have their wish. The US citizenry is extremely well armed and no conventional army would ever be able to pass through the USA intact.

Now to explain: the Red Shield is the Illuminati families that currently control the US and a lot of the European nations. They own our fiat money system, our media, our big corporations, our big Agri, our big Pharma companies…well, everything ownable really.

What really hit me as salient though, is the statement that the whole reason behind the constitutional right to bear arms is to give the citizenry a “bigger stick” than the government! The Red Shield has shot themselves in the foot by training so many Americans in combat for their wars…there is now a significant proportion of the population who have the power and might to topple the government! Isn’t that fascinating???? Hmmm…

The article also goes on to say that there have been attempts by the Red Shield Illuminati to disarm the American public by staging these mass shootings that instill such shock and horror in us (which of course, then feeds the ickyons!) and instill the idea that the public should not bear arms. The poor individuals that were used and abused to force them to such actions are not really the bad guys though…they are merely victims of a corrupt system too! It really makes you look at all these bad situations that continually crop up in a different light!

I think I will no longer be against the NRA. Or at least not disagree with the right to bear arms. I will always believe that weapon possession should be contingent on training certification though. I pray that the Illuminati do not succeed in banning all weapons, and the right to bear arms, in the US. We already have that here in Canada, which now seems unfortunate. But we do have a lot of hunters…heh heh heh 😉