Just read an article on this subject, which gives some cases, has a couple of pictures of the remains, and posits the current theories on this phenomenon. None of them actually are plausible however. And yes, I do have my own theory.

Legitimate cases of spontaneous human combustion (SHC) all report that the body is burned to ashes, that nothing else is burned around the body, and the legs are usually intact. Do you know how hot the temps must be for bone to be reduced to ash? Experiments have shown that liquefied (my emphasis) human fat burns at a temperature of about 250° Celsius. A cloth wick placed in such fat will burn at temperatures as low as 24° Celsius. Crematories need temperatures of 1,300° C or higher to reduce the human body to ash in a relatively short period of time. Yet the bones are not destroyed in a crematorium.

Question: If temperatures of  more than 1,300° C are required to reduce bones to ash, and temperatures of 250° C are required for liquefied human fat to burn, but only temperatures of 24° C are required for a cloth wick placed in that liquid fat to burn, then what temperature needs to be realized to cause a clothes to smoulder on a human body whose fat has been liquefied and bones turned to ash?

I postulated this question in the book I am writing. I also think it’s interesting to note that the human body does not burn easily. Guy Coates, a SHC researcher I found on the Internet years ago, points out

“the interesting thing about SHC is that human bodies basically don’t burn. If you pour petrol over someone and set fire to them then they get burnt and will die but there is no way you are going to reduce limbs to ash.”

I then go on to discuss the subject of Tumo. Tumo is a test of sorts that serves to prove mastery over the kundalini. Initiates who have been working with their kundalini energies are taken up into the Himalayans in the dead of winter. Whilst naked (or near-naked), they are wrapped in heavy wool blankets that have been dipped in the frozen water. They use the kundalini energies to warm themselves and dry off the blankets. I have seen pictures of priests in diapers wrapped in blankets with steam rising from them! It is an impressive show of how to control body temperature through the mastery of the kundalini.

It is my belief that SHC is the result of a sudden strong influx of kundalini energy in a body that is not prepared for the rising of kundalini energy. I can tell you that I have had the experience of awakening with what feels like a mini furnace in my root chakra. Yes, I have active kundalini…it was “awakened” when I was 26 yrs old. So I totally believe that tumo is possible, for the amount of heat I perceived was very frightening, and I’m certain I could have dried off a heavy, wet blanket! Whenever this happens, I am careful to channel the energy up through my chakras and out my crown chakra. The Universe can have that excessive energy!

This leads into my proof of why kundalini is probably responsible for SHC…when kundalini rises, it’s automatic course is to travel up your spine, through your chakras, and exit out your crown chakra. This works smoothly if your chakras are clean and clear. If there are blockages anywhere, you’re going to encounter problems. These problems can manifest physically, emotionally or mentally. After all, the whole point of kundalini is to cleanse and refine your lower 3 “physical” bodies and bring it into alignment with your upper 4 etheric bodies. The lower 3 physical bodies include the densest which is the body, then the emotional body, and finally the mental body. The upper 4 etheric bodies are the astral, the etheric, the akashic, and the ketheric.

So what happens if there are multiple blockages in a body when the kundalini rises very strongly in it? Someone who hasn’t been doing the work necessary for this potent energy to work its magic on us? It rises, but instead of burning away a person’s negativity, it actually burns up the physical form! It is interesting to note that in most cases, the legs are intact: the kundalini doesn’t travel down from the root chakra…it travels up towards the crown chakra! This also explains why it’s often alcoholics and obese people who suffer from SHC…both conditions indicate severe emotional and mental blockages that have “solidified” into physical conditions. I think whatever the reasons that cause over-indulgence in both drink and food are the ones that are the “wick” for the kundalini to go haywire over.

There is a story of a 15th century Hindu saint named Radha who voluntarily cremated herself at the time of her death. In more recent times, Sadhu Singh, a 114-year-old yogi, died quietly while sitting in a yoga position. He performed intentional self-combustion while meditating, and witnesses, which included police, doctors and scientists, reported flames coming from his abdomen that were not hot when felt by one of the witnesses.  They claimed the candle-like flame consumed his body over a six-hour period, and “apparently there were none of the other physical symptoms normally associated with burn victims.  Even the straw mattress on which he was seated and his clothes burned only with the body, and in the course of hours.” All that was left of Sadhu Singh was a residue of ashes.

Obviously there is something within the human consciousness that allows us to not only control our own body temperature but also generate extremes in body heat. Mystics attribute it to religious/spiritual sources, and the Hindus to the kundalini.