Well, we’re having weird weather here…despite it being seasonal for the last couple of days and getting some rainstorms, the day today has reverted to the high heat and humidity that’s characterized this whole summer. It’s currently 84F and feels like 104F! And there’s the standard 40% chance of thunderstorms that’s been characteristic of much of this last couple of months. The biggest difference…for the past hour or so, there is thunder rumbling! And the sun is shining! There are darkish clouds in the distance, but I went for a walk and found that one grey cloud hovering nearby was emitting thunder. I didn’t see any lightning, just heard the thunder. And it’s pretty consistent booming…I checked The Weather Network’s radar and found there’s a storm off to the south, over Lake Erie (we are closer to Lake St. Clair). Still…that’s should be too far away for us to hear the thunder over Lake Erie! What in the world is going on??? My conspiracy theorist self wants to shout HAARP!

Wait, it has now turned dark, and it’s starting to rain. It’s still thundering to beat the band, but why is there no lightning? Okay…so it’s a thunderstorm, sans the light show. I guess we need the rain…

AND…the power went out for 2 hours! I did see a lot of lightning after the storm hit, and the thunder was very loud and booming. Very intense storm…although a few hours later now, and it’s already drying up. It started out intense and petered out…which is actually odd for our region.

And…my computer just crashed…maybe I’m not destined to post this!

Oh and speaking of weird weather, just a few days ago, there were 2 tornadoes in Windsor and area, where I used to live! There hadn’t been a tornado since 1975! That’s an actual picture of it above! Sure, we live on the edge of Tornado Alley, but we don’t actually get them! 😦