Well, this is a new concept I just came across…the idea of being married to a god. I guess it’s kinda common in some pagan circles…but I dunno how I feel about this idea. They are in spirit, and we are in the flesh. And spirits aren’t supposed to be interested in that sort of thing, I would think. Or at least gods and goddesses shouldn’t be, in my opinion.

Maybe it’s just because I don’t believe in marriage. I believe marriage is a patriarchal tradition designed to keep women subservient to men. Women (and children) belong to a man, and although I have had arguments with other women about this, I still believe that it’s a tradition where women are second class citizens to their husbands. Women are accorded more respect if they are married, and will get harassed less if there is a man with them. There’s all kinds of research I’m not prepared to get into on this.

My point here is that marriage to a god would seem to reinforce this idea to an even greater degree! I’m not okay with that, personally. But this one hedge witch I was reading about had an epiphany regarding her godspouse Odin. He basically told her:

Yes, I am Odin—or, I am part of Him, and He is part of Me. But I am not the entirety, and there are parts of Me that are NOT part of Him…

I am a Man of many faces, many personalities—but they are all Me.

There are only so many Hats to wear in the universe, and many of Us share them and swap them out from time to time. It doesn’t make Me any less an individual. It doesn’t make me any less Me.

So she discovered that he isn’t the Odin of the classic Odin god of Asgard. This blew her mind and caused a serious shift in her perceptions. I guess it doesn’t surprise me at all though, because I believe the gods were all once human, but that they are also archetypes. Essentially, their Oversoul or Higher Self is the god, and when they became human, just a small part of the soul became that person. I believe we all have many personas, many lifetimes whose personality structure is unique and different from each other, but still a vessel for the Oversoul. I think that is what this woman’s “godspouse” was trying to tell her…she was married to one of his aspects. I think that’s too convoluted of a relationship to have with the gods personally.

I am basing my opinion here on my relationship that I’ve developed with Chango. I would never consider marriage or anything romantic with him, despite his “ladies man” persona. I think that brings the wrong elements to a spirit guide relationship, in my humble opinion. I don’t care if they were once human…I know the spirit world isn’t like that.

But what I wanted to address here is her perception of who Odin is, to her:

BUT–and here’s the strange part– I’m no longer absolutely certain that my Husband IS Odin. To be fair, I’m also not sure He isn’t–but if so, He is not at all the same Odin everyone else seems to be dealing with.

MANY people, through the years, have commented that my particular version of Odin is MUCH nicer than the version most people get.

So yeah, I’ve always been well aware that my Odin didn’t match up well with the Odin most people seemed to know…

This is like Chango…the Chango who was showing up in my dreams didn’t seem to mesh with the Chango I had been reading about and pinning to my Pinterest account. And he didn’t appear as black in the beginning either…and then when he did, it was as Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds. He wants to take on that “look” and that persona I guess you can say. Wytchofthenorth says her Odin started turning up as a specific actor playing a specific part too, which kinda threw her and caused her doubting who it was she was married to. This mirrors my experience with Chango appearing as Derek Morgan…but it makes me wonder who these “gods” really are.

It’s interesting that “Odin” said he was only a part of that god self…I think this is very telling. I think when we deal with any ascended master/spirit guide/god/goddess, we are each dealing with some aspect of that Spirit. Again, just a part of the Oversoul, one aspect that our limited perspectives here on Earth can relate to. Because how can Jesus or Mary be everywhere? All the people who believe in Chango and the Orishas…it has always sounded like they appear in different guises for different people. There are so many people who have had personal experiences with these deities/spirits, how can one soul be in so many places at once? If Chango comes to help me, then is he no longer available to help someone else who maybe has a greater need than mine? Or does he become unavailable to help me? Being only a part of that Oversoul/god that deals with someone makes a lot more sense to me.

Many years ago, in high school actually, I learned that Buddha taught the precept that at death, seven component parts of Self were dispersed, and 7 new components came together for the next incarnation. I pondered this idea for many years, wondering what the hell he was talking about, for I have never encountered another religion that talks of this concept of component parts to the soul. When I started going for past-life regression therapy, it suddenly became clear for me. Each lifetime is a different persona, and is made up of components from several of your past lives. You may bring the patience you learned in one lifetime, the strength of will gained in another, the empathy developed in yet another lifetime…you bring these qualities to bear into your current lifetime in order to best assist you in the lessons set out in this lifetime. Remembering 12 of my past lives, they were each different aspects of ME.

So this idea extrapolates to what “Odin” said to his “wife” in that post above, about being part of him, but not the entirety of Odin. She’s still struggling to define who he is, but in this post, she decides to move past the whole naming thing and gives him a title rather than a name. She makes some really good points about the power of names, and trying to pin down names to the gods. She mentions how the pagans didn’t name their deities but assigned them titles, and how that kind of naming convention changes our perceptions of the god/goddess/spirit.

So who is the Chango (who in my second dream of him insisted on being called Chango and not Shango) and the Oya that I deal with? Who is Dragonfly???? I think that’s even more an archetypal thing, as I outlined in this post. I seriously doubt they are the same people that the African people of the Yoruba religion believe in, and different from the orishas that the Santeria religion espouses. Are they still the same being? I think yes, and no. And isn’t that just how Spirit typically works? 😉