Well, I had a fun day yesterday…NOT! I hadn’t been to see my GP in 2-3 yrs because I moved away from the city and into a small town 45 minutes away. There are no doctors taking new patients in town, so I’ve kept my own doctor, who I do like very much. I had a couple of issues I wanted to discuss, but they wanted me to go in for a physical because so much time had passed. Fine, I’d bring up the issues at that time.

A medical student did the pre-screening part, asking a lot of questions. Many of those questions seemed very different to what I was used to, and seemed more geared to the fact that I’m over 50. Like that I’m old or something. Maybe I’m just sensitive, but what’s with all the talk about my bowel movements, my sleep habits, if I’ve had a bone density test, etc. A colonoscopy was suggested, which I nixed. A mammogram was suggested, which I nixed. I did submit to the damn Pap Smear, which was a total disaster as I was too tense to have that stupid speculum inserted, and both the female medical student and my female doctor tried to insert it, to no avail. The damn thing hurt so bad, and I wound up bleeding. bleah. I will never have another pap smear, just like I will never have another mammogram.

My biggest question with regards to these highly painful, intrusive cancer screening procedures is: why the focus on cancer??? Why am I even being tested for these things??? There is no history of cancer in my family, and I KNOW I will never get cancer, so why do doctors make such big productions out of cancer screenings during a physical? It must make them big bucks. 😦 Well, I’m going to forgo the damn physicals from now on. Today I am still sore vaginally from the repeated attempts to get the damn speculum in, and the medical student must have been too rough when she checked my breasts for lumps, because my breasts are sore too. 😦

This physical left a lot to be desired, and I have decided to forgo any others from here on out. I’ll just take my chances on getting cervical cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, etc, etc. Which I know I won’t be getting, so why check for them? Seems like a reverse affirmation to me! Personally, I think it’s best to stay away from doctors…their focus is all wrong in my estimation! What kind of message does it send to the patient to focus so much on all sorts of bad things that could go wrong with our bodies? Seems like subconscious conditioning to me.

Oh…and I had to donate 3 vials of blood at the lab, where they had trouble finding a vein, which means I have a nice bruise now. I also was supposed to have an ultrasound done, both a standard one and a transvaginal one (I’ve been having pain in my right ovary, and I used to have a cyst on it, so we are checking that out). I don’t think I’m up for that transvaginal one right now…sigh Being female sucks, and I swear, the makers of feminine torture devices are misogynists all!!!!