Well, I got an unpleasant notice last night…the people in the back apartment are buying this building of 3 apts, and are evicting me and the girl upstairs. They want the apartments for their family members.

This is causing me some massive anxiety…I am new to this little town, and I cannot afford most of the rents I have seen here. I am on a very low fixed income, and I am going to try to get into geared-to-income housing. Which will have to wait until next Tuesday, what with the holiday on Monday and all. The only good thing is I have 60 days notice, but I checked the local newspaper and they don’t even have an “Apartments for rent” section! sigh.

I was talking with my sister, who is really the only person I know here in town and who is moving herself today, and she was soooo calm about it all. Well, this is the first time in 24 yrs she has moved…I seem to wind up moving every 3 years. 😦 You would think I would be less stressed about moving, but not so. I often have had to move to even shittier places due to my financial problems. Oh please God…let me find something better and cheaper!!!


I asked my sister how she could be so calm, and she said she keeps finding dimes, so she knows it will be alright. She laughed and said that she needs the confirmation, and she’s found a bunch of dimes in the last couple of months…and 2 just yesterday! I joked that I could use some confirmations too, but maybe quarters instead. And guess what I just found…yup! a quarter on the road as I was crossing it! Thank you God! 🙂

And I’ve been seeing dragonflies a lot lately too…I saw a couple just on Monday. Dragonflies symbolize change and transformation. It’s a positive thing. So I am going to try to maintain the belief that this is happening for the better…that there is something better out there for me. I just wish the universe would find less stressful ways to make these changes, because right now, I have no idea what I am going to do. I have 60 days though…deep breath. I just gotta keep breathing!