Well, finding that quarter on the road yesterday left me feeling surprisingly light-hearted about my having to move out. It brought a huge grin to my face, and I am very thankful that I was able to see the gift as the confirmation that it was. Confirmation that this move is necessary for me, and it will be for the better. I don’t know how, but the Universe was letting me know that it will be alright and will work out fine. Thank you to whomever sent the quarter…it was needed and well-received! ❤

I also asked my guardian angel why this was happening, and to send me a dream or something of what to expect. When I woke at 4 am (as is usual these days), I heard the whisperings in my head…”the energy here is stuck”. It was repeated over and over…”the energy is stuck”. I can feel it actually…the layout of this apt is in no means ideal…my bedroom is an internal room, with no windows in it. I keep a fan going in there to circulate the air and keep it from getting too warm. The living room, kitchen and bathroom are a narrow U shaped configuration around the bedroom, and the bathroom/hall area (my bathtub is in the hall) is also a totally internal space. Great if there was ever a tornado, but really bad feng shui otherwise. The chi movement is sluggish in my apartment, and I know this is what the statement “the energy is stuck” means. The only windows that open are in the kitchen, which provides no cross breezes in any way! I need to get out of here to a place with more Light in every possible way!

Then while I was making breakfast and thinking further on having to move, I got 2 strange visions…one of my guardian angel Carolla smiling beatifically, and one of Chango grinning hugely. They both know something I don’t about this move…I suspect it’s designed to get me to meet some new people, maybe even a soulmate. My sister had asked her psychic about me and was told I would meet someone soon. Well, not where I am now, that’s for sure! We will have to wait and see, but Chango’s grin especially has me a little worried. LOL The cute pic above is the closest I could come to his grin…this is an image of Chango and Oshun as babies. There are actually a few pics of him as a baby…it seems to be a popular image to paint of him. Very few of the adult drawings show him smiling, but that isn’t the Chango I know. He’s a lot more light hearted and smiling in person, if you will. He’s amused by the baby pics though, and his grin is similar to the baby’s!!! LOL