It looks like September is going to be a busy month energetically, what with all the eclipses and the Fall Equinox arriving. According to Ruby’s Readings, there will be a lot of changes and surprises this month. Yeah…I’ve already had that, what with my eviction notice and all. But according to Ruby, “The cosmos will also usher in some serious Luck!” I hope to God she’s right! I will definitely be needing some serious luck in finding a new place! I checked out our little local newspaper, and there isn’t even an apartments for rent section! And I don’t really know anyone but my sister here, so word of mouth isn’t going to be happening much either. 😦

But I’ve been very busy helping my sister move into her new place, and I am not only exhausted but stiff and sore too. Hence my not posting the last couple of days. I’m not posting much now either, because my back is killing me. Shit…I’m really out of shape. sigh. But then, she has both an upstairs and a basement to be carting boxes and furniture up and down, and sometimes both! The best thing that has happened though is I seem to have reconnected with my niece, who has been at best antipathetic towards me for the last couple of years. She thinks I’m weird (I am!) but not a good kind I guess. LOL Hopefully the positive vibes will continue. 🙂