This is the August 30, 2016 video from secureteam10, who report anomalous news, debunks hoaxes, posts UFO and space pics and videos from around the world, and talks about conspiracy theories.

The first thing up was the Mushroom Cloud that was spotted in Russia that scared everyone there into thinking that WWIII had started. Although to be honest, it doesn’t look enough like a nuclear bomb cloud…it’s too translucent and cloud-like if you ask me.  Bomb clouds look heavy and dense at the top, and I do believe this one was a cumulonimbus cloud (see the one below).


However, it may not have been naturally occurring…I personally think these really well-defined strange looking clouds we’re seeing everywhere are the result of HAARP.

I also want to comment on the second story. I have to agree with Tyler (the host) that 314 dead reindeer in Norway could not have been killed from a lightning strike…those bodies are not burned at all! And how could a single strike kill so many over that amount of land? No…something else killed those poor reindeer, and the “single lightning strike” is such a bogus coverup! The moment I read about this reindeer kill, I knew we weren’t getting the whole story. This video is the first I’ve encountered that questions it too. It will be interesting to see what other theories on this crops up.

It is interesting that he brings up the Norway spirals though, which may or may not have anything to do with the reindeer, but it does point up the fact that weird things are happening in Norway! This is the Norway Spiral from Dec 9, 2009:


I would be curious to know what was at the base of that blue beam! Could this be an alien artifact of some type, with a beam that could do…anything it wanted? Could the concentrated energy of such a beam be the event that killed those reindeer? Wait…I’ve posted a beam coming from the moon in conjunction to a rocket launch in connection to the moon as a soul catcher post. What if they were catching the soul energy of the reindeer? For what purpose? Maybe the same as cow mutilations…I dunno. I’m just in conspiracy theory mode at the moment. LOL


Now, the “official” explanation is this is a failed rocket launch, but as Tyler points out, the 2 things don’t really look similar at all! Don’t we just love “official” explanations to “calm” the populace down??? NOT! It seems to me that more and more these official explanations are so simplistic and unbelievable that they are insulting to any intelligent person. I suspect they think we are all blinkered, uneducated sheeple who will believe anything they tell us. I can’t wait for full disclosure to happen, so they can stop with these ridiculous stories.

Oh, and it seems there was one a couple of months before the December one, but it wasn’t as spectacular. Maybe…there was one the night of the storm that killed the reindeer? It’s an intriguing possibility if you ask me.