I had read about the whole Falcon X rocket launch exploding and had thought there was something weird going on there. The Falcon-9 Rocket /SpaceX/Facebook & Israeli Aerospace Industries rocket was not only an Israeli  weaponized rocket, but I’m curious what exactly Facebook was doing with a payload on it.

I no longer trust Facebook, and for the last several months, have been on it less and less. They’re making more and more changes that seem suspect to me, and I only go on it because I have some good friends there. It is, unfortunately, a very good medium for connecting with people. But why would they put a satellite up so they can beam it into everyone’s home? It ostensibly would have provided internet coverage to parts of Sub-Saharan Africa…ummm…that’s most of Africa, including South Africa. Although in another video they said it was supposed to cover Europe and part of Russia, providing redundancy and reliability for areas already covered by other satellite internet coverage. So why was the Facebook satellite on the same rocket as an Israeli weaponized rocket? I dunno…sounds fishy to me.

Addendum: It is now October and I've been reading about the BRICS Alliance and how they are trying to take down the Federal Reserve and the Illuminati banks and institute a new Central Bank in China, based on the gold standard, instead of the damn Illuminati fiat dollar. What does BRICS stand for? It is an alliance between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa! Suddenly setting up surveillance over South Africa makes sense... :(

I have read before that UFOs and the benevolent ETs destroyed our nuclear weapons in the past when we were at peril of actually using them. Could this be another case where the benevolent ETs are keeping us from doing something stupid? There are many photos of what looks like a UFO that passes by the rocket, and within minutes, the rocket explodes. It’s not a bird or a bug close to the lens…people claim to have seen lights in the sky hovering around prior to the explosion. People who actually work there, and can’t have cell phones or cameras on them (paranoia on NASA’s part???) Here is a post that talks about it.

Now, you may ask why ETs would destroy our weapons? I believe that there is a Galactic Federation of sorts that looks out for various planets and races, and I am certain they are indeed working with us (but not necessarily the Illuminati or controlling forces) to ensure peace and what is only for the best of the human race.

Note that no one was hurt or killed in this “accident”. Also note that the initial explosion looks kinda like a hit…the whole thing was destroyed. That doesn’t seem like some random system glitch that would only take out part of the rocket. I think it’s very interesting that this rocket was destroyed…the Universe obviously didn’t want it going up!!!

Addendum: October 2016

Here's a cute little scientific explanation of what happened...and no, it couldn't have been a bird! Maybe Godzilla, but not a bug...LMAO

I also want to elucidate new information that I have come across via Corey Goode’s writings and videos…there is indeed an alliance of peaceful, non-violent ETs that are working to defeat the Cabal and help humanity ascend. There’s even Wikileaks’ data dump of Hillary’s leaked emails, whereby John Podesta claims that the ETs won’t tolerate weapons in space.

Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth. They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space.

Could this have been an example of their non-tolerance???? I wouldn’t be surprised!