It is now 7:48 pm, and the sun will be setting at 7:52 pm. Yet it is still 84F out, and feeling like 108F out there! WTF?!?!! It is September, and we are coming up to the Vernal Equinox, right???? Geez…this is crazy weather for September here in southern Ontario, Canada.

I was out at around 2 pm, and although the sun was shining, it started to rain. Then the clouds rolled in, and we got a downpour, which only lasted maybe a half hour. I guess that is why the humidex is still so high, although I find it hard to believe it is only 79% humidity out there. It is horribly close and suffocating…and for some reason, my back and neck are hurting me too. Of course the sinuses are hurting, and it’s more than the seasonal allergies if you ask me. bleah Well, to be fair though, with the packing up to move, I am uncovering more and more layers of dust and fur, and doing a lot of cleaning. My allergies don’t like that either. sigh

Oh, and my sister and I travelled to another larger town yesterday, and all along the highway was lots and lots of ragweed. bleah. Thankfully I’m not as allergic to ragweed as I am to tree buds in the spring, but still…wow…how do you avoid the ragweed when the ditches and wild spaces out here in the boonies is full of the stuff?? It’s enough to make one want to hide out inside for the duration!!! 😦