I just read an article about some new Ascension symptoms…and this explains some new shit that’s been happening to me! I kinda figured they were ascension symptoms, but sometimes I worry about ascribing all my various aches and pains to ascension. It is nice to get this confirmation that I am not actually sick…just enduring the adjustments, healings and purging of negativity that is part of working through the dense states on our way to our light bodies.

Now the author postulates that many of us have been experiencing the basic ascension symptoms for a while now, which I have to agree with. And not just from my own experience…I hear so many other people suffering with the same thing. Those who are open to it, I reassure them that it’s just an ascension thing and they really aren’t sick, esp. since the doctor cannot find anything wrong with them. I hate seeing people continue to search for answers from the medical community, when they are useless on this stuff. And pharmaceuticals will only hinder the process, so it’s best to stay away from any meds the doctor might throw at you, even though they don’t know what’s wrong. Isn’t that suspect right there??? Giving you chemicals for no reason, despite not knowing if something is wrong? 😦

Anyway, here is the list of basic ascension symptoms from the article:

Basic energy shift (ascension) symptoms included things like ringing in the ears, intense sweating, dizziness, forgetfulness, ascension flu, depression, and waves of nausea.

Unfortunately, I’m still suffering with these symptoms, except for ascension flu. I would also add the disruption of sleep and the problems with food. I know many people are having problems with sleeping through the night, often waking at 3 am, which is actually a significant time, when the veil between the levels is thinnest. I do some of my best meditating at this time.

This is the list of the new energy symptoms:

-extreme lethargy (feeling like you are drugged)

-gut pain and bowel “explosions”

-bad moods, when you are supposed to be “happy”

-ravenous eating or no appetite at all (no normalcy with appetite)

-no motivation to do anything but lie around

-either sleeplessness or sleeping all of the time (not your average eight hours), off and on. Sometimes 3-4 hours of sleep is enough however the next week feeling like you need 12 hours.

-sore throat

-itchy skin or even breaking out in hives

I have been experiencing the extreme lethargy (hence the paucity of posts lately…I am sooo tired and just don’t feel like even going online!) and lack of motivation, which is making it hard to do much packing. I am feeling overtired even, being unable to get to sleep, and yet getting up after only 4-5 hrs of sleep. I expect the wanting to sleep 12 hrs or more is coming.

The sore throat and itchy skin has been an issue for a few months now…my scalp especially is incredibly itchy, but only at night (when I’m trying to sleep of course!). I have discovered that using peacock ore (chalcopyrite-pic above) on my crown chakra brings relief (thankfully!) I have been suffering with an itchy scalp for months now, and have been using Nizoral to no avail. I’ve even switched from shampoos with sulphates to using conditioners on my hair, which still hasn’t helped my scalp (been great for my curls though!). The fact that the stone is helping tells me it’s an energy thing though. sigh Although I’m not totally convinced that it’s not partly an allergy thing…there are a couple of ingredients that can cause allergic dermatitis in almost all conditioners. 😦 Same goes for the sore throat…it’s ragweed season already, and I’ve been having a sore throat at night, and that damn scratchy throat that needs clearing all the time. I should see if a stone helps that too…then for sure I will know it’s an ascension symptom!

Well, I will be very happy when all these symptoms are gone, and we are finally actualized into the new Ascension energies and 5D! I feel like I’ve been going through this stuff for decades now! To be honest…some of it was kundalini cleansing, which feels the same as this ascension cleansing. 27 years of active kundalini…yes, I am more than ready to be done with it all!