Chalcopyrite is also called Peacock Ore because of its rainbow hued metallic lustre.It also comes in the standard gold color of pyrite, although it will be much shinier than pyrite. It is harder than real gold, but also more brittle. It also has a tendency to look dirty, which always makes me want to wash it. It should be rinsed under running water before using it for healing, but it shouldn’t be left in water. For some reason, I hesitate to leave it in the pink himalayan salt that I use for cleansing purposes either…but the sage powder seems fine. I usually have to rinse off the sage anyway, so maybe it’s not necessary…I dunno.

This is also another one of those crown chakra stones that are “heavy” and will help ground the Light, much like Howlite.

Chalcopyrite has the ability to remove negative energy blockages within each Chakra and shortly after beings to open each. However, it tends to focus more on activating the higher Chakras, especially the Crown, because it is within this energy center that white light is filtered into the body. It enhances the movement of Qi, Life Force energy, around the body, which stabilizes cellular energy as higher frequencies are integrated. After the body begins filling with white light energy, Chalcopyrite will begin to ground and smooth the energy flow within the body. Therefore, this stone is also a beneficial grounding stone. – My Crystalpedia

My personal experience with this stone has been that it’s helped my itchy scalp! I’ve suspected that the itchy scalp was the result of problems with my crown chakra, since I’ve changed my shampoo to Nizoral, even stopped using shampoo and using a conditioner only (which my curly hair loves), all to no avail. Which makes me think it’s not a real physical problem. I was inspired to use the chalcopyrite on my crown chakra during a chakra balancing meditation, and was pleasantly surprised at how my scalp stopped itching! And I could feel the Light travel down from my crown through the other chakras too. It seemed to “lighten” my whole auric field. I was surprised, since it seems like such a “heavy” stone. I’m not as convinced that it’s a grounding stone, but I do agree with the “smoothing of energy flow” statement above.

The picture above is my actual piece…it is mostly dark, almost black, with that multicolor “oil spill” kind of coloration. Not as “pretty” as the one I used in this post‘s header, which also mentions my interaction with this stone. But I am very pleased with the results I’m getting with it, and have now incorporated it into my bedtime meditation.  Oh, and my friend K, who gave me the stone and photographed it, spelt it wrong too. LOL