Black tourmaline, or schorl, is one of the best protection stones out there. It can protect you from psychic attack, from energy vampires, and even from EMF. It will absorb electromagnetic energy from our various tech toys, and is great to place near our computers and TVs. You can even use it to protect your home, as outlined in this article

You can energetically grid a room in your home or office by placing Black Tourmaline in all the corners of the room. This grid has the ability to do several things: it grounds the energy of the room, absorbs any toxic and negative energy and seals the room with a protective shield. This is important to do if you feel like negative people keep entering your space and/or accidents and delays keep occurring. This grid of protection assists in balancing out the energy and dispelling any energies of a lower vibration. 

It is the perfect stone for both the root chakra and the Earth Star chakra, and is recommended to help when we feel overwhelmed by global and environmental issues in this post here:

When we feel deeply affected by global changes, societal injustice, environment causes, or just the opposite (feel nothing toward those concerns), we need to look at our Earth Star chakra, and black tourmaline is a beautiful helper in this realm. Black Tourmaline is used as a grounding stone, put at the earth star, it helps us to connect to Mother Earth energy and draw up her energy by rooting us into her loving body.

I use mine on my Well of Dreams chakra…this was recommended in this article here, where she calls it the 4 1/2 chakra instead. She recommends it as a means of protecting this important chakra, which is also known as the Mouth of God, and is an entry point for psychic attacks. She recommends keeping it covered and protected at all times, and since black tourmaline is such an excellent stone for protection, it’s perfect for protecting this chakra. This same author also has an excellent post on black tourmaline here.

I usually lay for a few minutes each night with it against the back of my neck, as part of my protection meditation, and use it periodically for the headaches, and my neck aches. I sometimes get this strange pain/sensation in the back of neck that feels like my neck is compressed…I don’t know what this is about, but the black tourmaline relieves that sensation of compression. It’s a sort of tension, where my shoulders feel like they’re up around my ears, and the black tourmaline seems to ease that tension. I’ve had this problem for years now, so it’s really nice to have found a way to relieve it.

I have also noticed another benefit of using it on the Well of Dreams chakra…it seems to make headaches go away! Not all headaches, but it works on most of mine. I don’t know if it’s just the headaches caused by excessive energy in the head, or what I call “ascension headaches”, but it provides almost instantaneous relief for this kind of headache. What a relief! I love how Gaia, and the Universe, has sent me so many stones to help with so many different problems. I am very thankful for discovering how to use them to help me with ongoing problems, and always seem to either intuitively discover an important use for them, or wind up reading something online to help me. 🙂