I figured I’d do a follow-up on my post on Detoxing from Outside, since I now have some new thoughts on what might be causing my tummy aches and diarrhea problems that seem to have become an ongoing problem. Even though the weather has now calmed down and we are enjoying some more seasonal temperatures. So it’s not likely that the reason for the bowel issues is strictly because of the extreme heat and humidity.

Speaking with my friend K, I noted that it might also be because of the fact that I am now living out in the country, surrounded by fields of agriculture. Agricultural fields that are no doubt being sprayed with lovely Monsanto pesticides. bleah Actually, I can walk both to the south and to the west and come across some farmer’s fields within 10-15 minutes of my home. I am sure those pesticides are suspended in the air by the humidity. Maybe the other town people don’t have these problems because they have habituated to the chemicals, but I’ve only been here a couple of years, so I’m not used to it at all!

Then there is the notion that this might be one of the new ascension symptoms, as detailed in this post and also on my post here. Gut pain and bowel “explosions” has been put forward as new energy symptoms, so perhaps I’m just adjusting to the new energies coming in with the September Wave X or gateway or whatever it is that’s bombarding us now. I do feel like I’m detoxing though…I’m praying fervently that this symptom results in the dropping off of a bunch of weight that “suddenly” appeared last November!

What I am noticing though, is that the bowel problems no longer is restricted to a prolonged period out of doors. Although it is more likely to coincide with being outside, it is not necessarily right away when I get inside again. My doctor didn’t seem concerned when I mentioned it at my physical, so I am certain it really isn’t a physical problem that requires medical intervention. The gut pain is actually minimal, and I don’t feel the need to stop the process by using some sort of medicine. It’s only a single episode type of thing, so detoxing is my take on it.

I am still saying prayers and throwing white light on my food before ingesting it though. sigh