This last month or so has seen a triad of eclipses…a lunar eclipse on August 18th, a solar eclipse on Sept 1st, and there will be another lunar eclipse on the full moon of Sept 16th. According to this post, the

two recent eclipse series set in place a unified field of love, cooperation and peace. Over the next few days, this field will be amplified by the powerful lunar eclipse.

Well, I do know that I’m already feeling the energies that this lunar eclipse is bringing. There is also some sort of third wave of energy, a gateway or something, that is coming between Sept 26-28th, at least according to this article. I’ve already discussed this event here, but I want to talk a little more about the energies I’m sensing these days, and how they’re impacting me. I’m sure I will have even more to discuss after the events, but I want to rant a bit about what I’m experiencing. LOL

Well, I woke yesterday morning to some anxiety, specifically about my having to move. I handed in the forms for geared-to-income housing on Monday morning, and I have a bead on a potential one bedroom apt just 2 houses down from where I am now. I spoke to the owner, and he had said he was willing to consider subsidized housing since I couldn’t afford the $650 plus utilities/mo. While I was at Housing Services, I asked about the subsidized housing thing, and was told to contact this woman Angie, who wasn’t in that morning, and has yet to return my voicemail. I was hoping to find out more so I could contact the owner with more definitive information about how to go about the whole subsidized housing thing.

Part of the problem with the apt is that it really isn’t available yet…there is an elderly lady who needs to go into a rest home who still lives there. She doesn’t want to go, but they are working with a power of attorney to move her to the rest home. Now, I hate the idea of ousting someone out of their home, but we have recently had to put my father in a short-term care facility because he’s not doing well. And we are all surprised at how well he is doing there, and his mood is good. So I am not so against rest homes, since they can serve their purposes when someone can no longer care for themselves.

But it makes me wonder…should I be doing anything about this, to speed it along, so I can feel secure in knowing I have somewhere to go when my 60 days is up? I’m trying really hard to keep the faith that it will all work out in its own way, but the anxiety I woke with surprised me. It did motivate me to speak to this woman who lives in one of the geared to income places, and she recommended that I try the realty places. So I got some leads yesterday that I mostly haven’t done anything about yet. sigh I did see a nice oriental woman about 2 one bedroom apts coming up on Oct 1st, newly renovated and only $550/mo, plus utilities. The way the utilities are though, they are so expensive that I’ve heard they are in the $125/mo range! That does not make the $550/mo doable for me. I am supposed to go and look at the apartments next week, and I recently read that our premier is going to be offering rebates on the utility bills. I am keeping this knowledge of available apts in the back of mind, just so I know there is somewhere to go if nothing else pans out. Oh please God…make something better and cheaper be out there for me!!!

I think this unsettled energy is about the eclipses, and the upcoming wave/timeline shift/gateway. I am pleased to say that the anxiety I experienced wasn’t overwhelming like I have had in the past…it was softer, and I was able to work through it. This seems in keeping with what this article is saying about the eclipses

Eclipses are major turning points at both the collective and individual levels. The sign of an eclipse offers clues as to the themes that are due for a change…[ ]…During the Sept. 16 lunar eclipse, we are asked collectively and individually to examine if anything stands in the way of our spiritual expansion, visions and ability to receive the love and abundance that is our natural birthright.

I think this move is about changing my living circumstances so they are less stressful and financially challenging. Geared-to-income housing would put my rent at 30% of my income, instead of the over 50% I’ve been trying to survive at for the last several years. I was warned that there is a long waiting list for these places, but I am praying that something will come up in time for me. This eviction came out of left field, and actually has nothing to do with me (the new owners want the apt for their family), so I have to believe that the universe has something better and cheaper for me instead. That this is just another case where they had to light a fire under my butt to force a change. LOL Hey…I have a lot of fixed energy in my natal chart! And moving every 3 years really isn’t fun, so I wasn’t wanting to do it yet again. sigh

But my youngest sister made a very good observation…she asked me why I was putting up with this shitty place and all it’s problems…didn’t I think I deserved better? It really made me stop and think! I have been half-heartedly looking around at other places for a while now, but nothing’s panned out. It’s not like there is a lot of choices in this tiny little town of 4900 people! And at the beginning of the year, I went to a psychic who said it wasn’t the time to move yet. I guess the Universe thinks differently!