Thinking on this model of soul hierarchies that I’ve already touched on here, I got to thinking “where do twin flames fit in here?” Yup, I propose to make the whole schematic even more complicated! LOL

I do know that in the beginning, we had androgynous souls, and it was only when we came down into the physical world of dichotomy that we had to split up into our male and female components. I believe that angels are still in the androgynous state, being neither male nor female, but fully integrated. This belief makes me wonder about my guardian angel Carolla though…she feels feminine to me. Then she can’t be an angel if she’s divided. I dunno…sigh Perhaps she just chooses to present herself as female, knowing my misandrist tendencies? I just don’t know any more. bleah But I have felt other people’s (family mostly) guardian angels, and they feel distinctly one or the other. What does this mean??? A whole other rant I suppose.

Anyway, my point here being that as humans with free will, in the physical realm, we have a division in our souls, with our male and female aspects separated. So I would propose that the Soul level should be further divided into the male and female aspect, each with their own soul extensions.

Now this begs the question, at least in my own mind…why do I feel like my Oversoul is feminine??? Or is Ladosa Jenavi not my Oversoul, but merely my Soul? But…shouldn’t both the Soul and the Oversoul be androgynous? I am aware of 4 lifetimes as male, so I know I have both energies in my soul and expressed in soul extensions. Or are the male incarnations really my twin flame’s previous lifetimes?? I want to say no, the male lifetimes still feel like me. But then, isn’t my twin flame really me too?

I want to relate a reincarnation dream I had probably 25 or more years ago. One lovely summery day, probably on the weekend, I was laying down to take a nap and listening to some lovely Oriental music. As I lay there luxuriating in the sunshine streaming in the window and falling on my bed and prone form, I daydreamed about being an Oriental princess. I fell asleep only to have a dream that totally refuted that idea!

There were 4 young boys playing in a rice paddy field, and they were kinda goofing around instead of working. Their boisterous play attracted the attention of some Manchurian soldiers on their way to make war with the city, and they attacked and slaughtered the boys. The scene shifted to an old man who was talking to some authorities and lamenting the horror of finding his sons massacred and what he was going to do now that they were gone. As his impassioned pleas about how unfair it was that these soldiers cut down the children in cold blood, when they weren’t even a threat, rang out, I suddenly realized that he sounded just like me! The whole “unfair” thing was like a keyword that woke me up in the dream…I have a Libra moon sign, and I am always talking about how some things are unfair, that this or that isn’t right, etc. It was very strange how all of a sudden, upon hearing those words, I was transported into that Chinese peasant man’s body, and I “became” him. It was the precursor to my past-life regression and subsequent memories of being Quang Xi Yu.

So, I can totally identify with this male persona of myself…I have had the actual experience of being him in that dream. But I still have to question whether this negates the idea that perhaps Quang is my twin flame’s persona and one of his previous incarnations. Would we experience our twin flame’s incarnations as part of “Self”? I think of twin flames as separate people, although technically they are part of your soul. Or could the schematic be even messier, and more like this?


Would it make more sense that any male incarnations would actually be part of the male half’s soul extensions and that all female incarnations would be part of the female half’s soul extensions? I’m thinking it would, since the female energies of the female half would automatically result in a female incarnation, and vice versa. So is Quang a memory of my twin flame’s incarnation? Okay…I’m blowing my own mind here! LOL

I dunno though…what happens when both halves incarnate at the same time? The last time my twin flame incarnated at the same time as me, was in the early 1800s. I remember Gordon as my husband, but I do not have any memories of his entire incarnation, and do not have visceral knowledge of that lifetime as one of my own. I “feel” like a separate entity from my twin flame…we are still different “people”. Or is this merely an illusion caused by the duality of this physical realm? I have only felt his presence a couple of times, and only recently…is this a function of the fact that we’re not really separate people, but the same soul, and thus have never bothered with an “other” distinction? Have I just never needed to feel him as a division of myself, and is this like the whole idea of the inner child??? Just an illusory division created to help us feel different aspects of ourselves? And what are those aspects? Are they divisions at the ego stage or the soul stage? I am thinking the inner child is an ego division, but that doesn’t feel right for the twin flame aspect. I guess I just don’t know.

But I do feel confident in the idea that the soul is divided into a male and female component, and each has its own soul extensions. And it makes sense to me that each gender has the same gender soul extensions. I guess I can remember my male lifetimes just as well as my female ones because my twin flame isn’t actually separate from me.