I read something a little while ago that got me thinking about our souls and how they work. I have been aware of soul groups for quite awhile now, but this post on The Multidimensional Self has taken the concept to new heights for me. Really got me re-thinking what I thought I knew. Essentially, my understanding was at this level, indicated in yellow, here.


I have been aware that I am part of Source, that I am part of a much larger soul group where I can encounter “soulmates” amongst, that I have an Oversoul or Higher Self (which is Ladosa Jenavi) that includes my current soul. The graphic above really goes way beyond what I have envisioned though. The whole Soul Extension thing kinda threw me…there are other me’s??? I have kinda known this, that there are probabilities of alternate me’s in other realities and other dimensions. I’ve never thought too hard on it though.

Now many years ago, back in Grade 10 actually (which would have been about 1976 or so), I encountered the teaching of Buddha that claimed that 7 Component Parts of Self were dispersed at death, and 7 new components came together for your next incarnation. I struggled for many years trying to understand this concept, since it is the only religion that has ever postulated this concept of component parts.

Then, I went into past life regression therapy, and came to know of several of my lifetimes. And knowing of these lifetimes, I have had occasion to “feel” like these other personas. There was a time when I had gone into a rage at a nasty coworker who was above me in pay range, and who tried to get me fired. I was totally horrified that I had lost my temper like that at work, and while I was feeling totally isolated and estranged from my surrounding, I suddenly felt like the Marquesa (a lifetime from 400 years ago). It was quite disconcerting how suddenly I seemed to “become” that persona. I felt her presence so strongly! Then there was another time when the power was threatening to go out during a thunderstorm, and I was having trouble using the butane lighter to light some candles. I am terrified of the dark, because of a past life where I was a mentally retarded 6 year old that died in a dark root cellar. I’ll discuss Melinda more in another post, but this evening, I could “feel” her coming to the forefront of my consciousness, and her total panic that we couldn’t light the candles. Damn butane lighters are child-proof after all! Sigh. The flickering lights portending the certainty that the lights would go out had manifested her so totally that I had to talk down her panic so I could light the candles, and I managed to have a long conversation with her when the lights did go out.

Anyway…these experiences, of finding out about several of my lifetimes through regression, and actually connecting with a few of them at other times, helped me to realize that the Component Parts of Self were actually our different lifetimes. We take different components from those lifetimes and bring them forth into the current one in order to help us with the lessons we chose to learn this time around. I am now thinking of these components as threads of consciousness that exist in that persona/lifetime/incarnation. I believe now that is what the soul extensions are in the above diagrams. Melinda is a different persona than I am today, and so is the Marquesa. Yet I can still feel the connection to each of them, see parts of myself in them.

What I’m having some trouble with is the concept that my Oversoul has many different souls, and that each soul has their own sub-souls. I can see the soul extensions as other incarnations, but what are these other souls that are part of my Oversoul???? Could these be what soulmates are? Not so much other members of our Soul Group, but something much more…intimate? Is that why soulmates are often confused with Twin Flames??? I suppose soulmates could come from our Soul Group too, but they wouldn’t be as strong a connection as another soul from our own Oversoul.

I have spoken of Soul Groups before in connection to the gods/goddesses (see my post here), and my belief that the reason that many of the deities from various cultures are very similar in nature is because they are all part of the same Soul Group. And thinking back to my statement in the post on Godspouses, I realize that this fits in with this model that is outlined in the graphics above.

I believe the gods were all once human, but that they are also archetypes. Essentially, their Oversoul or Higher Self is the god, and when they became human, just a small part of the soul became that person. I believe we all have many personas, many lifetimes whose personality structure is unique and different from each other, but still a vessel for the Oversoul.

Thus, Chango is a god of thunder, and he is in the same soul group as Oya and Thor. The Chango I know is different than the Chango of Yoruban culture, who is different than the Santeria god who helped lead the blacks out of slavery. They are obviously different aspects of the same Oversoul, but are they soul extensions, or actually different souls? I am thinking that Oya is probably a soul of the same Oversoul as Chango. That would mean that the different personas he’s manifested are soul extensions…right?

Extrapolating to my own self, what does that make Ladosa Jenavi? I have always considered her an Oversoul, my higher self, my original self. I know that when I ceased being an angel and took on free will, my first form was Ladosa Jenavi. But I have always thought of her in this context:


I guess I’m having a hard time thinking of other souls that make up part of Ladosa Jenavi. I guess they would probably be from my own home world, at least some of them (I am a starseed from another world). It makes me wonder if the Manchurian figure who is one of my spirit guides might be one of those souls. I have only recently discovered that he is from my home world (see my post here), and thinking now on him, I am reminded of my lifetime as a Chinese peasant man. Do the energies feel similar?? I am thinking they do. The Manchurian guy feels more like me when I consider myself as a man. Isn’t that interesting??? Hmmm…

Yes, I do think the schematic directly above is too simplistic, but I am still struggling with integrating the notions of other Souls into my Oversoul, as outlined in the header graphic. Although thinking of them as soulmates makes a certain amount of intuitive sense. I have been thinking on this for well over a week now, and am still pondering this idea! Then I think…does it matter if I understand, and is it even necessary to contemplate such complexity???? Ultimately…yeah, I’m a control freak and a Chitra and need to know stuff! LOL