Well, this full moon has certainly thrown me for a loop…I had a horrible time sleeping last night, and it was past 3 am before I dozed off. Then I woke around 8:30 am with a massive headache! I don’t know if the headache woke me up or what, but that was all that was in my consciousness upon awakening. bleah. So I lit my diffuser with some frankincense for pain, and took 3 bromelain tablets, which also helps with pain. I couldn’t function with the damn headache, and lay back down and grabbed my black tourmaline. Placing it on the back of my neck did indeed help the pain…it ratcheted down considerably! Thankfully…mercifully! And what does that tell me…it tells me that it’s an energy/ascension thing.

So, I’ve gone looking for some explanation of why there would be so much energy in my head that I awoke with terrible pain and pressure. I kinda figured it had to do with the full moon eclipse. But the eclipse happened at like 2:30 pm where I’m at, so it wasn’t even visible to us. Guess that doesn’t have any bearing on how the energies will affect us. sigh And oh yeah…I forgot that it was a Supermoon too…and the closest that the moon has come to the Earth all year! Hmmm…yeah, that might help explain things too.

Now, I’ve already discussed the triad of eclipses that culminated in last night’s lunar eclipse, and this is the last eclipse of the season. I had already been experiencing energetic influxes starting around the 14th, including some anxiety and restlessness. According to this article,

These cosmic events represent threshold points— creating powerful shifts from one phase of your life to the next. Passing through an Ascension threshold can create instability and anxiety, as your entire being adjusts to the heightened Light activations.

Good to get some confirmation that I’m not crazy though! LOL What I’d like to know though, is why is there pain associated with these changes? I’ve heard it explained as a detox type of thing, that the changes in the light body are hard on the physical form. I dunno…it seems to me that ascending shouldn’t hurt so much. sigh

This article on Intense Eclipse Energetic Upgrades Occurring! goes on to to explain things that does make some sense to me, as the author entreats us to

Take this time to embrace the healing and clearing, supporting the body’s adjustments to metabolize crystal Light.

But the energetic upgrades aren’t over yet…as the article points out.

As Mercury completes its retrograde cycle the same day as the Equinox on Sept 22nd, you may have vivid dreams, visions, memory flashbacks or new insights that resolve and heal old wounds, clear away emotional pain/hurt, or provide clarity into soul purpose and karmic history.

Yeah, I can’t wait. sigh. But I suppose that is what all this pain is about…old wounds and emotional pain, as well as karmic junk being cleared. I do know that emotional pain can be held in the physical body, where it causes pain and dis-ease. So I suppose healing it will also affect the physical body. I don’t really understand why I get the headaches though…although I am thankful that the black tourmaline can get rid of that stuck energy! And that is what it feels like…stuck energy. Excessive amounts of energy that is stuck in my energy body. Thankfully, I am feeling alright now, although I’m still aware of some tension in my neck/shoulders.

I don’t know if I mentioned this in a post, but I recently read something about how the energies coming in right now are leading to a sense of compression, which I have been experiencing as compression of my neck/Well of Dreams chakra. Again, the black tourmaline eases this sense of compression. But the rationale had something to do with compressing back into 3D before expanding back out to 5D. Of course, I can’t find that article now.

However, this article believes the entire world is experiencing a healing crisis, and explains it thusly…

In one way, it’s as if the world is experiencing a “healing crisis”. Many of us are familiar with what can occur when we’re beginning a new health protocol—we initially experience a period of detox in which all the toxins in our body come to the surface to be released. And in the process, we end up initially feeling a lot worse than we did before we began the process. It takes a while for the toxins to release before our body can begin to feel lighter and cleaner.

I suppose I am experiencing the world’s healing crisis on a personal level too…not just because I am part of the collective, but because I am an empath as well. This idea gives me some comfort…having thought of this, I do feel less…anxious? more peaceful? I think I’ve answered my own question about why I’m feeling the pain…I think I need to do some extra shielding and grounding on a more global level.

Like so many sensitive empaths, I/we forget that we often unwittingly take on other people’s pains and emotions to the extent that we experience it as our own. Perhaps this is why the black tourmaline is so effective…it really isn’t my pain that I’m experiencing? More the collective consciousness’s? It is part of our “job” as Lightworkers, to channel and transmute the energies to help the rest of humanity. A thankless job to be sure, but very necessary. It is a reminder that I do serve a purpose here, despite my seeming lack of purpose and direction in life.

On a positive note, the Intense Eclipse Energies article does leave us with a caveat that there are good things coming despite what seems to be bad things happening:

2016 is the year of decomposition – triggering the collapse of a corrupt, dying regime. The New Earth paradigm is rising out of the cracks in the collective prison. Another massive Diamond Light blast is coming in early 2017. This will elevate many souls into the multi-dimensional realm of Light Body activation…being able to live on crystallized Light.

Another massive Diamond Light blast in early 2017? Is this the same as a Wave X thing? I suspect we are not done with all the “help” from the Universe/Galactic Core/Sun/etc that is supporting Mother Gaia in her ascension bid. Maybe I need a bigger piece of black tourmaline. 😉