This morning’s meditation/musings focused on the issue I’ve been having with the above model of our multidimensional selves. I still can’t wrap my head around the idea that our Oversoul has multiple souls attached to it. I suppose it’s partly semantic…I have always considered my Oversoul to be the same thing as my Higher Self. And that the Higher Self is merely our spiritual body Self, just as Laura is my physical body Self.

We have 7 layers to our souls, or 7 spiritual bodies. The physical is the densest and lowest in consciousness, then going up to increasingly more spiritual levels of consciousness.

Physical -> Emotional -> Mental -> Astral -> Etheric -> Akashic -> Ketheric

I consider the last three to be my Higher Self…my Oversoul. Just as the first three are my physical persona/incarnation. The Astral level is an in-between level that can fluctuate between the physical world and the Other Side, where ghosts exist…souls without a form, or I guess soul extensions without a physical body. It’s where we go when we astral project our souls outside of our bodies. A lower level place for non-corporal entities like the ickyons (archons). I also know it’s the level where Hell exists. We are co-creators with God, and thoughts are real things, and we can manifest anything, but if it’s not of the Light, it shows up on the astral plane instead.

I have been thinking that the other souls that comprise the Oversoul could possibly be soulmates; however, I’ve always believed that soulmates come from the same soul group. It kinda seems redundant to me, to have both an Oversoul and a Group Soul. After all, this is just one person’s (or maybe a few people’s; he does mention other sources) opinion on our multidimensionality. Who says they are right? It doesn’t feel right to me…the idea that there are many souls attached to an Oversoul. I think the Oversoul is merely the Higher Self of a single soul. I don’t believe it branches out into other souls. I consider Ladosa Jenavi to be my Oversoul/Higher Self…even my Angel Self, who I was when I first took on Free Will.

And that got me to thinking about Angels and their soul structure. I am thinking they are in the Other Levels part of the diagram above. Or…could the Oversoul be our Angel Self? And could Free Will be the mechanism that causes the fracturing of the Soul into all these sub-divisions? I liken soul groups to puddles of raindrops, and can see Angels being grouped into similar energy pools. Or perhaps the Free Will division is already started at the group soul level?

There is a part of me that believes that angels are androgynous…neither male nor female because they are still part of God and have not taken on physical forms, so have not divided into male and female energies.  Yet my Guardian Angel feels female…am I overthinking it all??? Yet I know that we were all once angels, before we took on Free Will. And that our Guardian Angels are our BFFs on the Other Side. Possibly even part of our soul group???? Okay…that kinda makes sense to me…that a soul group could be a mix of soul types. I’m thinking about gods/goddesses, and how similar some gods are to other gods because they come from the same group soul. Could it be that all angels are part of a soul group with similar attributes, and some of those angels take on Free Will and start the fracturing/individuation process leading to Oversouls, souls and soul extensions? Or could the Oversoul actually be the Angel self? That would mean that not all Oversouls have souls and soul extensions in the model above. Hmmm…no, I think that only those angels that take on Free Will wind up with an Oversoul…a fractured soul energy.

I do know that taking on Free Will fundamentally changes the Angel…angels and humans are mutually exclusive things. Humans cannot be angels, and angels cannot be humans. The difference is Free Will…angels do not have free will. Hence my problem with archangels. Michael refused to help me one time, and Metatron is full of ego…they have Free Will. They cannot be angels. Metatron was Enoch, and Gabriel was cast out of heaven and sent to earth as punishment…they were human at some point, and thus have Free Will.

Anyway, I’ve ranted about archangels before, and I don’t want to go into it again here, but I do want to emphasize the difference between us and the angels. This whole oversoul idea really muddies the whole concept of soul levels for me…I want to chuck it out of the equation and use the term Higher Self instead. I want to change the diagram above to show that Oversouls only have one soul, but many soul extensions. That makes more sense to me than many souls being part of a single Oversoul.

According to this source though, the soul and oversoul are

…essentially an intermediate level that exists between our Higher Self and our human self.

They also agree that the oversoul has more than one soul…

What is the difference between our soul and our oversoul? Sometimes the analogy of a human hand is used to describe the relationship between the two. The fleshy part of the hand would represent the oversoul, while a soul would be represented by one of the fingers. This obviously implies that there is more than one soul that is associated with a particular oversoul.

I dunno about that hand metaphor though. I do agree with this assertion though

The oversoul itself does not enter into physical embodiment . . . it always remains within the higher realms so that it can oversee and guide the collective experience.

This does make intuitive sense to me, and makes it seem more like what I consider our Higher Self to be.

I am googling the concept of the Oversoul, and am now in overwhelm mode. I’m going to end this post here, because I suspect my ramblings are going nowhere and just leading to greater confusion. 😦