Wow…yesterday’s In5D Alternative News was full of this idea that Hillary Clinton actually died on September 11th and is being replaced with both body doubles and a CGI model. There is a video here that shows the glitches that were recorded at her first rally since her collapse, and a few very diverse people are all claiming this very idea. There are a lot of posts in alternative news blogs about the body doubles, and I do have to agree there seems to be some compelling visual evidence of this (see pic above).

Now, the video is especially evocative, but only convinces me that there is a good chance that she is still sick and unable to go on the campaign trail, so they are using CGI and doctored videos to keep her in the race. I’m not sure where the leap to her being dead comes from because I found all the sources to be rather…rabid??? Wow…this whole presidential race is turning out to be one helluva crazy ride! I’m sooo glad I’m not American…it’s bad enough being this close as a Canadian! sigh

Now it seems to me that keeping quiet about her death does not serve the Democratic Party’s agenda well…it would be better to announce it and choose another candidate from their caucus. I have read that the reason for not announcing it was because they are so horrified by the idea of Trump being the President that they’re willing to hedge their bets in this way. Well, I say they can throw their lots in with any other person they want to bring to the table…anyone’s better than Trump! And I think the American public would agree.

Ummm…what about bringing Bernie back? I don’t understand how he was outvoted by Hillary to begin with. You KNOW there was voter hacking going on there. The voting process is not democratic, and is fixed. I think the public is now realizing this. I think it would be a big score in the most positive way for the Democrats to bring back Bernie…the public would backpedal on their mistrust of the government if this happened.

Although I do think it’s time for a woman president…the US is sooo far behind other nations in promoting equality! And before anyone mentions that Canada hasn’t had a female PM, I would like to point out that our current government is almost equally divided between the sexes, and has many different races in the Cabinet. It is a very egalitarian Cabinet that Justin Trudeau has put together.

I have heard that this will be the last president that the US will ever have…that the whole government structure will fail and a new system will be put in place in its stead, as the American public is totally disenfranchised with the current system of governance. It looks like the rest of the world is totally disenfranchised too…according to this post

A Donald Trump presidency is also looking more problematic because the Chinese, the largest creditors for the bankrupt US Corporation, are against him.

In any case, the rest of the world has clearly already decided to bail out on the US corporate government. In the past year, foreign central banks have dumped $343 billion worth of US government bonds and the sell off is accelerating.

It seems everyone is dumping American stock…see this post here. It all seems to point to a collapse in the US economy. How the mighty do fall! I am reminded of ancient Rome here…a mighty world power falling apart due to corruption and greed. I think it is fascinating to watch this happen…I do believe something momentous is going to be happening real soon! With all the Ascension energies, and portals, and massive energy influxes, the rest of this year and going into 2017 are going to be fascinating to see how it plays out on a global scale.