So…the fall equinox is today. I’ve been sleeping lousy the last couple of nights, so I’m assuming it’s because of these energies. Thankfully, Mercury is no longer retrograde, so this is a plus, but there is still supposedly something coming up a third wave of Light on the 26-28th, a gateway opening and timeline shift, at least according to this article. I did do a blog post on this article here, but I’m reviewing it again in light of the excessive energies I’m sensing.

This energy is keeping me not only awake at night and restless during the day, but also causing my feet to burn up and ache something fierce. Just at night, when I’m trying to sleep (of  course). The burning feet thing has been an issue for many years, but the twisted foot pain is new. Both feet are just aching the last week or so, and I don’t know what it means. And no, I did not hurt my feet in any way. I actually haven’t done much walking at all…it’s been hot and humid again.

I do know that the burning feet issue has to do with excessive energy that gets stuck in my feet for some reason. I have had it checked out by a podiatrist, and even spent 3 days at emergency when it caused my feet to swell up tremendously. They found nothing wrong with my feet. I had x-rays and ultrasounds and 6 vials of blood taken for various tests (gout and arthritis and rheumatism, connective tissue disorders, et al.) There is nothing wrong with my feet…I even have a very strong pulse in them, according to the podiatrist. Whenever science rules out anything wrong, that’s when I know it’s a kundalini thing…an energy thing.

So all this energy is floating around because of the triad of eclipses, the equinox, the upcoming gateway…I’m really tempted to believe they are real events, with real energy, because something is definitely up with my system! I can’t fall asleep, am only sleeping for a couple of hours, then am awake for 3-4 hours before falling asleep again. I am feeling sleep deprived, and although I’ve been meditating like usual when I can’t sleep, this sleep disruption has become excessive. I can FEEL all this energy…what does it mean? I don’t know what to think about this gateway thing…whether it’s the third Wave X or not. Something is definitely coming though.

Could it be that the prediction from Bashar’s Sphere Beings is coming true (I spoke of this yesterday); that Everything will change in the Fall of 2016? They made it sound momentous and a real game changer…is this what I’m sensing? I hate being so sensitive and yet not have any real answers about what is happening to me. There is so much information out there, and disinformation, and I just don’t know what to believe any more. sigh

But…I do want to wish Gaia and all the beings on her a very happy Autumn Equinox…may we all have Peace, Love and Blessings! ❤