I have been having a hard time trying to visualize how energy flows into our new chakra system. It has always been an easy visual when our 7 chakra system was as follows:


It also flows with the Ida/Pingala/Sushumna system, where the Ida energy is the feminine principle, the pingala is the masculine energy and the Sushumna is the central spiritual channel. Although this is a whole other energy system that I haven’t explored that extensively, and my poor brain doesn’t want to really go into at this time. But I’ll post this pic for those who do understand it more fully. I do post it to illustrate that I do feel there is this central spiritual channel that runs through all our chakras, and which the Light coming in from Source travels through our etheric system.


Although meditating on this image, some things coalesce for me…the Light enters our Crown chakra, travels down to the third eye where it splits into the Ida (left or feminine channel) and the Pingala (right or male channel). Interesting…especially in light of my assertions that there is no division of gender at the higher levels, only when we descend into physical reality do the genders fracture. This just further justifies, in my mind at least, that the “new chakras” are centered in the body, and that all the other systems talking about other chakras outside the body are not salient to the ascending human. I believe these other chakras exist, but are not important to us at this point in time. We are physically ascending, and the new chakras opening up are to assist in that process, not take us further outside of ourselves.

But I cannot reconcile this sushumna system to the new chakra system…I cannot imagine how the ida and pingala would work with them, especially the ones in the head. I guess this ties into my problem with not understanding how energy coming from the Crown will filter through the new chakras.

It is also interesting how this diagram of the Sushumna shows the ida and pingala coming together again in the kundalini and then spiralling. I dunno about that…I think the 2 energies continue down the legs and out the feet chakras. We do have a whole chakra system below the root chakra, as outlined below, and which I’ve discussed before.


So it would follow that the energy being channeled by the Sushumna would continue down the legs and come out through the feet chakras, in order to ground us.

Anyway, I’ve been having trouble with this idea of channeling Light through my Crown chakra and through all my chakras in order to balance and clear them, then channeling the energy out my feet and through the Earth Star chakra to Gaia’s center. A large part of the problem comes from the way the new chakras are situated in the head, ignoring those stupid Galactic Female and Galactic Male ones…


I am never really sure of what to do with the energy once it comes in from the Crown chakra…I can feel it going down to the Pineal chakra, but then where does it go from there? It doesn’t feel intuitively right that it curves to the front to take in the Pituitary chakra, then bounces to the back to take in the Well of Dreams chakra, then back to center to hit the Throat Chakra. I cannot equate it to the division into the Ida and Pingala channels implied by the Sushumna system. Would the pituitary be the ida or pingala? Same with the Well of Dreams chakra. They do not correspond to that system. If you look at it from the front, both these chakras do not correspond to right or left…it is front and back instead.

So it gets very confusing using either system…the traditional 7 chakra flow of energy, or the Sushumna system of energy flow. Actually, when I’ve been meditating, I’ve been seeing it more as a pinging of energy to these 2 new chakras…the energy comes down from the Crown to the pineal, pings to the front, down to the Throat, and pings to the Well of Dreams, then down to the Thymus. Hey…perhaps this is the link between the Well of Dreams and the Thymus! Because that is what the energy wants to do when I’m meditating, and would explain why the Thymus chakra corresponds to magenta. But I dunno…the graphic I did up still makes it fuzzy in my mind.


If I imagine the energy coming down the front of me, as in the full figure diagram above I made up, then the energy would ping to the back from 9 to 10 and from 7 to 8. Although it feels like the energy pings from 10 to 9 down to 7 and pings to 8, then down to 7. Although if the energy traditionally travels from 11 to 9 to 7, it does make sense for it to ping to 10 and 8 like I first outlined. Although if you check the physiology, the pineal is more in the middle of the head, and the pituitary towards the front. Then going down from 11 to 10, ping forward to 9, down to 7 and ping back to 8 and down to 6. Then the colors make sense.

Am I overthinking this???? LOL I am finding that not having this clear in my mind for meditation purposes is making my chakra balancing and clearing sessions not very effective at all. sigh. I do think I will be following the color sequencing from now on though, because that makes the most sense to me. So the colors would go from violet to purple to blue-purple to blue to blue-pink to pink…then on to green and the usual color sequence.

Who knows if this is right, since I can’t seem to find anything on this anywhere…I guess since no-one is in agreement about what and where the new chakras are, there can’t be any agreement about how to align and balance them.

Addendum: I had a very fascinating meditation with a piece of apatite, and it told me that when meditating on energy flow from the crown, that flowing the energy through the third eye or brow chakra, would activate not only the pineal and pituitary chakras, but also the Well of Dreams chakra! So essentially, the standard visualization for the old 7 chakra system is still valid.