I’ve discussed the weeping left eye issue before here, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned the other eye issues I’ve been experiencing for the last few years.

I did damage my right eye over a year and a half ago, by getting a severe corneal abrasion on my eye from a cardboard box flap papercut. I discuss the spontaneous healing of that in my post here.

But for a number of years before this, I have had the experience of strange sparkles in my field of vision, especially when outside in bright sunshine. And it has also been a number of years since I first started getting strange blurrings and seeing things in the peripheral of my vision. This phenomenon has been increasing the last couple of years…I have had increasing trouble even being able to read! I have since gotten new glasses (bifocals no less!), but they haven’t actually helped. I have to take the glasses off and hold the book up close to my face to be able to read a book! My vision has definitely become an ongoing problem.

Why is this happening? The laser surgery to correct the floaters did not work, and actually increased the amount of problems I’m having with my eyes! I know it was a mistake to do a physical procedure on them.

But I just read something interesting here. She talks about our new chakras, and what she wrote about the Well of Dreams Chakra hit home for me!

Because this new chakra is located on top of the area that houses our current 3D vision equipment, some people are having disturbances with their eyes and their eyesight. Blurry vision is a common compliant. Gaia Portal posted an update last week alerting us to this aspect of our transition. Runny eyes and sore eyeballs have also been reported. Stabbing pain behind the eyes can be quite distressing but is also a frequent symptom of this Well of Dreams Chakra coming online within us. Some people are seeing flashes of light (some in bright colors) in their peripheral vision, especially when eyes are closed while going to sleep.

Well, that was something I didn’t realize…that the Well of Dreams chakra is located on top of our occipital lobe, where our 3D vision center is. I always thought of it as just at the back of our neck. This is suddenly making a lot of sense in explaining what is going on with my own vision problems. Blurry vision, check; runny eyes, check; sore eyeballs, check; stabbing pain behind the eye, check; flashes of light…not so much. Instead, I’m seeing things in my periphery, and sparkles outside in bright light.

According to the Gaia Portal site:

Gaia herself becoming 5th Dimensional beingness requires 3D to 5D optics upgrade. This is in process and will continue through and beyond the 12-21-12 gateway.

Hue-manity optics upgrades parallel Gaia planetary upgrades. Those experiencing vision “abnormalities” (blurred, out of focus vision, colored sprites moving through visual screen) are presently “in the norm” for Hue-manity-in-Ascension beings.

Well…good to know that the problems are “in the norm” for those of us going through Ascension. bleah But it does make sense that becoming 5D would require an optics upgrade. And it has been going on intermittently for a few years now, and probably since around the 12-21-12 gateway. It’s actually exciting to find this information; verifies I’m not going crazy or have something seriously wrong with my eyes that the doctors just don’t know about. 🙂

To explain the picture I used for this post…the color that is supposed to be associated with the Well of Dreams is magenta, which is a purple pink color. This resonates as truth to me, since the colors of the chakras are supposed to correspond to the light spectrum of the rainbow…and since the Well of Dreams is between the Higher Heart, which I believe to be pink and not teal as some have suggested, and the Pineal Chakra, which is purple. The above mandela is suitably apropos for the Well of Dreams chakra I feel.