Since I touched on the subject of the colors for the new chakras in my last post, I thought I’d give my impressions for the colors of each, which does vary from some of the colors being reported by other psychics. Part of my perception is visionary, but part of it is logic applied to the energies I sense in these new chakras. This is the diagram that seems to be the standard for the colors of the new chakras. I don’t always agree. Yup…have to be different. LOL

The Earth Star chakra, which is 12-18 inches below our feet, is brown. It is the color of the earth, and vibrates to the feeling of security and the sense of being home. Being connected to Gaia so deeply via the Earth Star will give us this sense. I do believe this is a consensual perception of the Earth Star’s color.

Moving up from there, the next “new” chakra is the Diaphragm chakra, which is between the Solar Plexus chakra and the Heart Chakra. According to the diagram above, the Solar Plexus chakra has become light orange and the Diaphragm chakra is now yellow. I do not believe this has happened…why would a chakra suddenly change color???? It is not that the “new” chakras are brand new to our etheric systems…they have been vestigial and dormant until now. They are now being activated and are advancing our lightbodies and activating our new 5D systems. So they don’t change the old chakra system so much as enhance and expand it. So the Solar Plexus chakra remains yellow, and I feel that the Diaphragm chakra is more of a yellowy green or lime green color…think peridot. I would believe that peridot would be the perfect stone for the Diaphragm chakra.

The Thymus or Higher Heart chakra is pink…traditionally, the Heart Chakra has encompassed both the green and pink color, with stones of both colors being assigned to the Heart Chakra. However, the Heart Chakra is green, and green stones are most appropriate for this chakra. It then makes sense that the Higher Heart would embody the higher level color of pink instead. Pink is a higher octave color…it doesn’t exist in the normal spectrum of color. So it makes sense when I have read that the heart chakra split into the Higher Heart/Thymus chakra. The pink that has been traditionally associated with the Heart Chakra is now rightly assigned to the Higher Heart.

Which leads into the Well of Dreams chakra, which is magenta. I don’t know what color that is in the diagram, but it is a purple-pink color which is in the right family at least. Magenta is a bright purple pink though, and it falls between the Throat chakra and the Pineal chakra. Intuitively, I feel the Well of Dreams is in line with the Thymus chakra, although I don’t know if that is borne out physiologically. Which makes the magenta color a natural progression from the pink of the Thymus chakra.

The Pineal chakra is purple. Not the indigo color of the Third Eye chakra, nor the Violet color of the Crown Chakra. Indigo is blue purple, and violet is red purple. The pineal is between the two chakras, and is just plain purple, a perfect blend of both red and blue. So the diagram got it right. It does not have the Crown chakra right though…it is violet, not white.

Now the above diagram shows that silver is the color of the Galactic Female and gold is the color of the Galactic Male…I have indicated before that I think this is nonsense. I do not believe there is a Galactic Female or Galactic Male chakra…I think this is disinformation. Not all people outlining our new chakra system agrees with this either. In my post of our New Chakra System, I explain it this way:

I do not believe at the higher levels (where they supposedly are) that there is this kind of dichotomy. Male and Female are only relevant on the physical plane. When God created souls, we were neither…it was only upon coming into the physical it became necessary to split into the 2 polarities, because that is the nature of this planet.

I also know that silver is the color of the intellect, and gold is the color of spirituality. Pink is the color of love. I intuitively know that these 3 colors, which do not exist in the color spectrum, combine at the higher levels to create white light, much in the same way that all the colors of the rainbow combine to make white light.

And of course, the above diagram doesn’t even acknowledge the Earth Star chakra. So it is not all that accurate, but I only use it as a basis for this discussion.

I also want to touch upon something that I’ve read before about the splitting up of some of our chakras to make up the new chakras. I’ve read that the Third Eye chakra split into the Pituitary and Pineal chakras, and the heart into the Higher and Lower Heart. I do feel this has some merit, although I’m not thinking an actual fracturing is going on. I think the new chakras are “bumped up” expressions of the previous chakra…higher expressions of them. With new, ancillary functions that can be expressed now that we have ascended to a higher frequency.

Meditating on this idea, I have intuited that the Earth Star is a higher expression of our feet chakras, the Diaphragm chakra is an extension of our Solar Plexus chakra, our Thymus chakra is the Higher Heart, the Well of Dreams is a higher extension of our Throat chakras, and the Pineal is an adjunct to the Third Eye chakra, which is located in the Pituitary gland. So the Third Eye chakra is more accurately renamed the Pituitary Chakra.

Although I do feel some caveats have to be made here…my intuition is telling me that the Well of Dreams is also aligned with the Thymus chakra somehow. That is why it’s magenta, a form of pink, whereas the Thymus is pink. I am not sure of the relationship though…I will have to meditate further for clarification. But I am certain that the Earth Star is definitely a higher expression of our feet chakras, and not the Root chakra.

Traditionally, the Root chakra has been the chakra through which we connect to Mother Earth, and one of the ways to ground ourselves. I think this is the reason why I have had a hard time grounding laying down…I would try to ground my energy out through my Root chakra. Yet many grounding meditations use the feet as the conduit to sending out our energy to connect and ground to Gaia. I have had better luck with using the feet, and have mentioned before that I have noticed in the last while that whenever I tried this, I felt the 2 conduits of energy coming from each foot to consolidate about a foot below me. That is what convinced me that the Earth Star chakra is legitimate. So I feel that the Earth Star is an extension of the feet chakras, and not the Root chakra.

I feel the feet chakras, and the hand chakras, are also very important chakra centers that rarely get mentioned. The feet chakras help with keeping us grounded, and the hand chakras are important in healing endeavors. I am surprised there isn’t a chakra opening up that is a higher extension of the hand chakras. According to this site, the hand chakras, specifically the palm chakras, are instrumental in giving and receiving healing.

It is said that left hand palm chakras helps receive energy whereas right hand palm chakras helps sending/giving energy. Actually your dominant hand sends out energy and non-dominant hand receives.

They also assert that the most important aspect of palm chakras is to scan the aura. Here are other functions:

Functions of Palm Chakras:

• Healing self and others
• Scan aura
• Send and receive energy
• Helps balance spiritual, mental and emotional bodies
• Enhance creativity
• Feel crystals energy

Example of how Palm Chakras stimulate other chakras:

  • When we meet someone, we bring our right hand forward. We are subconsciously directing our energy to them; that’s our heart chakra’s response.
  • When there is an argument or confusion, our natural instinct takes our left hand to throat chakra; indicating poor communication and blocked throat chakra.
  • If we are excited, our natural extinct takes our hand to heart chakra.
  • When we are depressed or outraged, our instinct takes our hand to forehead.

Okay…this makes sense to me, and I would totally agree with them on these points. I had never considered how they might facilitate other chakras, but that makes intuitive sense.

I do feel that both the Palm chakras and the Feet chakras are important energy centers that don’t usually get included in our etheric body system. Of course, they don’t really “fit” into a schematic of said system. I think I will discuss this in another post though.