Okay…I’ve been trying to keep myself distracted with the 3 posts I’ve already posted today, but I have to rant about what is happening outside…my next door neighbors have decided to kill off the 2 big old trees that are in the side yard. It is their property, but their claim that the trees are dead is inaccurate! They both still have plenty of green leaves…someone’s just done a piss-poor job of pruning them! They are very top heavy, with the lower branches cut away, and more just above those cuts that are bare of leaves. I think those branches were damaged by the horrible pruning done earlier.

Anyway…earlier this morning, the trucks came to saw off all the branches and tear down these 2 old trees. Which were homes for a bunch of squirrels I hasten to add! And probably birds too…I’m not sure where the cardinals were living, but I’m sure it was up in one of those trees! Who knows what multitude of little creatures called these 2 trees home!

I cannot watch this massacre…my heart is very sore and I am grieving the death of these 2 old trees. I have always been able to sense the trees…I believe I have mentioned before that very old trees feel like whales for some reason. I feel like this is a horrible travesty and a terrible injustice has been done…and I have no say in it since I only rent, and it’s not even on the side of the property that is part of “our” property. Still…there should be laws against cutting down trees that are not dead…some standard that is used to determine when a tree is dead and thus a threat of coming down and damaging homes and property.

My heart is very heavy, and I feel like crying…I know the energy of these poor trees will go back to Gaia, but I am still so saddened by their unnecessary deaths. 😥