I have been sooo tired the last couple of days, I guess since the Equinox. My sleep is very disturbed, and I am not getting more than a total of 5-6 hours of sleep here. I feel…out of it, spacey, in limbo, unable to function, I guess in a kinda void.

I just read this post about The Equinox, The Void and Letting Go, and it does speak to me. You probably realize that I believe that I am led to pertinent information when I need it, and I have been searching for a couple of days for some sort of understanding why I feel such high levels of energy that it’s making it hard for me to relax and sleep, making me hot, and itchy too. And both my feet hurt…just ache for some unknown reason.

She opens her post by saying

I’m in the VOID.

Do you feel it? The Void is that empty space where it feels like nothing is happening.

Yeah, I’m in the Void too…I feel like nothing is happening with this whole looking for a new place to live. Well, not totally true…I did find out on Friday that there is a bunch of currently unoccupied geared to income housing on Gladstone, and that there is both a current opening and another to come available soon in a geared to income apartment just down the road. I called the Housing Authority late in the day on Friday and of course they did not call me back, and of course I cannot contact them to find out anything now until Monday. I am stuck in a void that is not of my making here. bleah

The void is a state of transformation and feeling it, indicates a specific location in the cycle of change. The void may feel like nothing it going on, or it can feel like a lot is happening, but you don’t know what or what to do with it. In the Void, we’re in a deep period of integration and emergence. Life is going again to birth.

The Void can make you want to hole up and withdraw. You may feel much less social than normal. You might feel over-energized, or more sleepy than normal, or both! You may feel confused and your moods may go up and down.

I am working hard to have faith that the Universe is making things happen for me, despite the dire things some people have said about my chances in getting into the geared to income program. That it can take years, and the list is long. Well…I am about to become homeless in a little more than a month. However, I do have this intuition that something will come up at the last minute…I am praying it’s good though! Better, and cheaper, than what I have now. I have moved into some shitty places in the past. I am so over that kinda impoverished way of life…I don’t deserve it, and I don’t know why life can’t give me a better hand for once. Why can’t I manifest better than I have been? bleah

If you’re feeling this, now is a time to allow these deep changes to penetrate and perpetuate a new way of being. It’s not push. Instead let inspiration return and arise, organically, from your newness. There is always a point in this journey when you feel more clear and strong, and then you feel inspired to take action because what you want next, becomes obvious.

Until it does, enjoy the still point of this and trust that all that you’ve summoned, allowed, completed, cleared, upgraded and shifted will come forth in a new configuration.

Let yourself change. Embrace this experience, for you’ve summoned it, in your desire to grow spiritually and expand.

Okay…I need to read this kind of positive affirmation that everything really is going as it’s supposed…for the betterment of my soul. I’ve been trying to understand the whole soul structure thing (see my other recent posts on the multidimensionality of the soul), but when I go to meditate on it and contact my soul, I fall asleep. But I am talking to my Soul, my Higher Self, whatever…it better have a good plan here is all I can say!!!

Even the author of this article is tired, but she finds positivity in it…

I’m tired today. My sleep cycles have been off. I’m energized and staying up late, but waking at the dawn. But even amidst this tiredness and given my inability to channel, I know that this Eclipse Cycle is a game changer.

Game changer…hmmmm…I certainly hope so! The game is feeling much the same though…leaving me in the dark about what my future will be like, where I will live (which happens far too often to me by the way!) Although I am too tired to stress over-much, and I am managing to maintain a sense of trust in the Universe that it will all work out somehow. I’m trying not to place restrictions and conditions on what I want so what is best will come to me, but then I worry that I’m not manifesting properly. bleah So I got a bag of chips and used the “wish chips” to wish for either a small, well-maintained house for $500 inclusive, or a much better apt for $380 inclusive. There were actually a lot of “wish chips” in that bag…hmmm….LOL