This post on the September Timeline Waves does go into what energy waves are:

So what is an ENERGY WAVE? A Wave is a stream of conscious energy designed to uplift every conscious being in the Universe. It generates from the photon belt, the Central Sun, the Creator, and our Cosmic Friends.

The gamma rays of the Wave X events came from the Galactic Core. I don’t know where these September ones that I am experiencing right now are coming from though, but man! they are keeping me awake at night! The article I had posted about before on a Third Wave of energy coming in from Sept 26th to the 29th, does not specify where this energy is coming from. It only states that it is ” The strongest wave of Light in decades”.


Re-reading the article has left me pretty dissatisfied with some of its statements, I guess because I am already going through the energies and am experiencing something different than what the author states. She’s a channeler, and sometimes I really wonder about who or what people are channeling. Those that give vague predictions that never really come true are suspect, and I am now suspecting this author. sigh I should have known when the post begins with the stock phrase of all beings of the False Light, indicating great love and calling us dear ones or beloved ones…and let’s give us some woo-hooey name too! They also call us HUmans…whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe

Ick…my discernment meter is going crazy here…I wonder why it didn’t the first time I read this article? Hmmm…the energies have fine honed my discernment to a new level maybe? I do think that I was focusing more on the aspects that resonate as Truth though, and were relevant to me at the time.

But re-reading that article I realize that she means the third energy wave of 2016, so no, it’s not a Wave X event. Although…I dunno…I’m really being hit by something here. As I mentioned before, I don’t recall feeling anything during the supposed second Wave X event in March, although supposedly it was more for the animal kingdom. And there’s still another significant moon event to happen this month…we are having a rare month with a second new moon on Friday the 30th! Wish I understand what goes on with the moon and how/why it does affect us. sigh

Yes, this energy wave is really affecting me…not just the inability to sleep because of too much energy, but I’m also having some problems with nausea and headache, and hot feet again. I’m also finding I’m craving meat, although the chicken bacon wasn’t what I was craving, just cheaper than the fancy Hungarian salami I was actually craving. I need to start taking my zinc again! I really don’t want to start eating meat again! I hope this is just really temporary. Along with the anxiety that keeps trying to dog me. And my dreams have had some disquieting aspects to them…am I transmuting negative energy? Actually, I have dreamt of bugs twice now, that I recognized as negative entities/energy that was trying to grab hold of me and cause fear. I totally rejected them though, and am feeling like the Light levels are too high for these things to manifest. Thankfully! Thank you God!

The picture above would seem like a great image for this energy, but to be honest, it feels more like this to me…


I do feel it’s mostly golden light though for some reason, although golden light is the light of spirituality. Or maybe more accurately, the energy feels like the above inside me! A lot of pulses that are feeling rather overwhelming to be honest. I hope I’m processing it properly, since I know I am trying hard to manifest a much better, cheaper new home for myself and my kitties. And trying to keep the fear of being homeless at bay, which is feeling like a stronger possibility this time around. I pray this is just the dark’s ploy to try to drag me back under, although I’ve been reading that they are no longer strong enough to do much. I want to believe that. I guess I’m just tired of the whole ascension thing and want it to be over already! I am not enjoying the process, and don’t know what to do about it. bleah I think I need more sleep…I KNOW I need more sleep. sigh