My last post (actually my last couple of posts) have been very rambling…I suppose the result of lack of sleep and these energies that are keeping me feeling spaced out and not all here. Grounding really isn’t helping. So I think I will post something from my Occult Codex instead.

I want to point out that I just discovered the statement that solar eclipses occur during the new moon, and 2 weeks later there will be a lunar eclipse during the Full Moon. This is what has just happened this month of September 2016…an annular solar eclipse during the New Moon on the 1st and then a penumbral lunar eclipse during the Full Moon of the 16th. Interestingly though, there was also a lunar eclipse during the August 18th Full Moon…without an accompanying solar eclipse. hmmm….

Occult Codex

Note that moon rituals do not require calling in the God, only Sabbats do. If you aren’t Wiccan, this is a non-issue, but good to note. Sabbats are interactions between Goddess and her consort, but the Moon is strictly Goddess territory! So you only need to call on whichever goddesses you prefer for your moon magicks. Hecate is one of the Full Moon goddesses, although I myself will not be working with any goddesses except for the Spirit of the Moon (Luna), Spirit of the Earth (Gaia) and Spirit of the Sun (Sol). Although I do recognize that there is a Green Man who represents the masculine energy of the mostly feminine energy of our planet. Still trying to get it straight in my mind – I’m feeling that the Goddess/God pairings are Gaia/Green man and Luna/Sol. Still meditating on this though, so these ideas are still in flux. 

When dealing with moon energies, it is helpful to think in 2 week and 6 month cycles. There is one new moon each month, which starts a new cycle, and 2 weeks later, there is a full moon. At the new moon you set your intentions; at the full moon you reap the results or make decisions. For the following 2 weeks after the full moon, it is a good time to wrap up loose ends and prepare for new things with the next new moon.

Each new moon also has a 6 month cycle. The March 2015 new moon was in Pisces, and the cycle ends in September’s new moon in Pisces. So you can set specific intentions at one new moon  based on the sign it is in (see chart), and watch it unfold over the course of the 6 months, and as the energies play out in each sign. 

Note: solar eclipses occur during new moons, and 2 weeks later, there will be a lunar eclipse during the full moon! There are 4-6 eclipses each year. What does this mean? Eclipses bring sudden changes and turning points. If you’ve been sitting on the fence on an issue, an eclipse will knock you off and force you to face facts. Truths and secrets will arise, and things that are not meant to be will be swept away without notice. Eclipses are like giant vacuums, either sucking away messes or cleaning things up so they are shiny and new again. The effects of an eclipse can happen 3-5 days before or after the event, and are similar to spiritual power outages. They can make you feel off-center, or leave your mind crystal clear. Expect the unexpected and wait for the dust to settle before acting on any eclipse-fueled impulses.

Wow…the last bit on the eclipses drives home what is happening to me with September’s eclipses! The one in August was the one that brought my eviction notice, and the ones this month are yeah, forcing me off the fence about moving to someplace better than where I’m at, and hopefully cleaning things up so they are shiny and new again (isn’t that what a new place is?) Hmmm…I’m glad I decided to look through my Occult Codex at this time.