I’ve been reading about some new, I guess more advanced, ascension symptoms hitting people, and I just want to weigh in on some of them that I have been experiencing. Besides the sleeplessness, nausea and diarrhea. bleah This article on September Energies outlines some of these new symptoms.

The first one I want to discuss is this timeline slipping thing. I have been noticing some weird time anomalies happening to me, a little subtle in some cases, but still the kind of WTH? type of experiences. According to Wikipedia,

A time slip is a paranormal phenomenon in which a person, or group of people, seem to either travel through time via unknown means, or appear to briefly enter an alternate version of present reality via unknown means. As with other paranormal phenomena, the objective reality of such experiences is disputed by skeptics.

I guess they might be dimensional slips too…I don’t know quite how to categorize them. But a few times in the last couple of weeks, I have looked at the time, and then gone and done some things, only to check the time again and it was exactly the same time! Just the other day, I checked the clock and it was 8:46, went to the bathroom, got a drink of juice from the fridge, put it away, walked past the clock again, and it was still 8:46! I did a double-take for sure! I had noticed something similar a couple times before, but they were kinda one of those cases where I thought maybe I had just misread the clock. This time I was paying more attention, and was astounded! This is more than a little freaky!

Now just this afternoon, I had set out to go to the store to see my sister, and one of the ferals has been bad about following me around. I had walked quickly away and prayed he wouldn’t follow, so when I got a couple of houses away, I turned around to see if he was following. He wasn’t…there was a woman and her dog just at the driveway of my place. She was walking towards me, and I turned back for a moment so I wouldn’t bang into anything. When I turned back around to see if the feral was maybe in back of her, she was already more than halfway down the block in the opposite direction! There was not enough time for her to have moved that far away from me! Maybe if she had run, but she didn’t seem like she was hurrying. It really caused a moment of cognitive dissonance for me! These timeline slips are very freaky…I am feeling a bit unreal these days.

Then there is the equally freaky experience of feeling vibrations that aren’t really there. I’ve have had these kinds of experiences for a number of years now, but they seem to be intensified right now. There is the experience of my heart beating so hard that it shakes the whole bed. I don’t know if it actually is, because the cats don’t seem disturbed by it, but man, it feels like the whole bed is shaking! I’ve been having this kind of bed shaking experience for quite a few years…maybe a decade or more. I always considered it a kundalini thing, but I’m now realizing it’s an energy thing more than anything else. I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s caused by a kundalini rising or ascension energies…it’s all caused by excessive energy running amok.

I’ve also had the disquieting sensation of things jumping up onto the bed, or feeling like one of my cats is brushing up against my leg, when in actuality, there is no cat around. I’m not sure what energy is causing this…whether it is something on another plane of existence that is doing this, or if this is some other kind of energy manifestation. Sometimes I think it is the spirit of one of my dead pets, although I don’t always sense a presence. I don’t know if it’s because the fear is preventing me sensing them, or if there isn’t a presence there and something else is causing this. But definitely my awareness is picking up on other dimensions, I think.

I think this might be related to the perceptions of things in our periphery…I get that a lot too. I seem to always be seeing things out of the corner of my eye…again, thinking I see something and assuming it’s one of my cats, and looking closer and there is nothing there. I’ve heard this is related to sensing 5D entities…I dunno.

The article also talks about hormone disruptions…which is interesting to me, because I am post menopausal and yet I’ve started having problems with the hormonal type of acne along my jaw, and what feels like an ovarian cyst is bothering me, causing me sharp pain at night on my right side. I have to schedule an ultrasound to see if that is indeed what it is, although there is a part of me that suspects the ultrasound will find nothing.

There are also hormone disruptions taking place and they can take many forms. This also happened in a big way in the spring of this year. As we merge with our LIGHT body our hormones go through a complete overhaul.

The author also mentions crown chakra activations as part of this, which makes sense, since our hormone centers are in our brain. She states:

Tonight I am experiencing massive tingling all around the head area. These are crown chakra activations.

Yeah…the tingling scalp thing! I’ve had this for the last year or so…it even feels like there are bugs crawling on my scalp at times! I’ve talked about this before here and here, and have found that chalcopyrite or Peacock ore, has helped. It seriously has been a great boon for this itchy, tingling scalp problem.

The article also discusses complete healings occurring…she herself underwent a complete emotional healing after a 2 week bout with ascension flu. I have experienced a complete healing of my eye problem after working with my Dotsero Diamond, so I guess this fits into this category. This is a wonderful side effect, as opposed to a symptom, of these ascension energies.

Now I don’t consider these “advanced ascension symptoms” in the sense that only those who are more advanced in the ascension process will go through them, and imply that if you’re not having these you are not far enough along in the ascension process. I think they are symptoms that are now occurring because the Ascension process is more fully along for all of us. I haven’t had the Ascension flu, and don’t intend on getting it either. I had Kundalini flu back in the mid 90s, and I think whatever that process is has already happened for me. I like to think that the symptoms arise to help you work through your blockages and issues, and then disappear. So if you don’t have these symptoms, maybe you’re lucky enough not to need to go through them! But it’s good to be aware in case these flukey things start happening…it helps when the doctor can’t find anything wrong and you’re afraid you’re going off your rocker! Yeah, been there, done that. sigh